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Raising Spiritual Champions

February 9, 2024

GUEST: DR. GEORGE BARNA, Director, Cultural Research Center, Arizona Christian University

Christian parents have their greatest call to discipleship right in their own homes. And it seems pretty straightforward. Scripture says, “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4).

In other words, don’t be overbearing with your kids, but bring them up (ongoing process), correcting what is wrong and teaching what is right according to God’s standard in His Word.

Anyone who has been around children knows that raising children is one of the greatest challenges and greatest blessings in life. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s hard and exhausting dealing with an unregenerate child or even a Christian child who gives in to their flesh. But there’s no greater joy than to have a child be born again and choose to love and follow the Lord.

Dr. George Barna is the most well-known Christian researcher, perhaps in the world. He is the director of the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, which focuses on “worldview assessment and development, and cultural transformation.”

In his latest book, Raising Spiritual Champions, Barna reveals extensive research when it comes to the worldview of parents, youth pastors, and children.

Some of the headlines from the research:

  • 68% of parents think of themselves as Christian but only 2% have a biblical worldview
  • 64% of youth ministers believe there is no absolute moral truth
  • Less than 1% of 13-14 year old Americans have a biblical worldview
  • 67% of all Americans who ever accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so before the age of thirteen

These data partially explain why our nation is becoming more secular and more God-less generation after generation. But you and your children are much more than a statistic. God gives Christians the road map and the resources to be the exception to these troubling trends.

Dr. George Barna joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss “raising spiritual champions”.

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GUEST: JUSTIN PETERS, preacher/evangelistIn case you haven’t heard the controversy that is being hotly debated in Christian circles, pastor Alistair Begg, who leads Parkside Church in Cleveland but who is even more well-known for his daily radio program Truth For Life, which features his preaching and is heard by millions around the world, said in an interview that he received a letter from a grandmother asking whether she should attend her grandson’s wedding to a transgender person.Here is the transcript of Begg’s advice to the grandmother:I asked the grandmother, “Does your grandson understand your belief in Jesus?”“Yes.” “Does your grandson understand that your belief in Jesus makes it such that you can’t countenance in any affirming way the choices that he has made in life?”“Yes.”I said, “Well then, okay. As long as he knows that, then I suggest that you do go to the ceremony. And I suggest that you buy them a gift.”“Oh,” she said, “what?” She was caught off guard.I said, “Well, here’s the thing: your love for them may catch them off guard, but your absence will simply reinforce the fact that they said, ‘These people are what I always thought: judgmental, critical, unprepared to countenance anything.’”Loving and engaging with non-believers is prescribed by Scripture but attending a ceremony that openly rejects God’s design for marriage? For the vast majority of theologically conservative Christians, this was a line that ought not be crossed.We reported last week that American Family Radio, after discussion with Truth for Life representatives, has removed the program from their network. And this week, it has been reported that Begg will no longer be speaking at Shepherds’ Conference, a worldwide event for pastors held at John MacArthur’s church in March.To his credit, Alistair Begg responded to the controversy in a full 40-minute message to his church this past Sunday night. We encourage you to watch it here.This weekend on The Christian Worldview, preacher and evangelist Justin Peters will again join us to discuss whether Alistair Begg’s response was faithful to Scripture.------------------------Register for The Overcomer Course
February 3, 2024
GUEST: JUSTIN PETERS, evangelist and preacherIt can be confusing and even destabilizing when a pastor or Christian leader who has been orthodox in his teaching for decades says something that seems to compromise God’s Word.Such occurred recently with revered pastor Alistair Begg. Begg, who is from Scotland but leads Parkside Church in Cleveland, is the Bible teacher on the popular radio ministry, Truth for Life. In an episode in September 2023, Truth for Life host Bob Lepine was interviewing pastor Begg about his new book, The Christian Manifesto, which seeks to help Christians live out Jesus’ “Sermon on the Plain” (Luke 6) in a 21st century brave new world context.Begg brought up the example of what he said to a grandmother who had contacted him about whether to attend her grandson’s “wedding” to a “transgender” person (the quotes being added because God defines a wedding as between one man and one woman and no one can “trans” their gender).We’ll play the audio of pastor Begg’s response, but in short, he suggested the grandmother attend the ceremony and buy the couple a gift with the purpose to keep the lines of engagement and gospel-witness open with her grandson.Those in theologically conservative circles collectively choked on his response while theological liberals said “this is the way”.The important question is: What is God’s will for Christians with an issue like this? It is a matter of right vs wrong or an issue of personal conscience?Preacher and evangelist Justin Peters will join us this weekend and point to key passages of Scripture that help us make wise, God-honoring decisions.---------------------------Registration Open for The Overcomer CourseJune 21-24, 2024
January 27, 2024
GUEST: COLLEEN TRONSON, Executive Director, Metro Women’s CenterAdvances in medical technology over the decades have saved countless lives whether through new types of surgeries, imaging, therapies, medications, etc. Of course it hasn’t all been positive—consider the harm caused by certain medications, including the Covid so-called “vaccine”.The advances in fertility and pre-natal technologies has been no less astounding. Procedures like artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF) have helped childless couples have children.But with these technologies come ethical questions: what about the extra human lives in embryo form created through IVF that are frozen and then not used? Or what about when a homosexual couple pays for a baby through artificial insemination, IVF, or surrogacy? Or what about pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which screens for genetic abnormalities and allows for sex selection?January is Sanctity of Life Month and so we will devote this weekend’s program to questions around fertility technologies and the greatest injustice in our country—the legal murder of around 65 million pre-born babies since 1973 when abortion was legalized.Colleen Tronson, executive director of Metro Woman’s Center in Minnesota, will be our guest. She will also give perspective on why pro-life candidates haven’t fared well recently in elections in light of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2022.NOTE: This program contains biological reproductive terms that some parents may want to keep from their children until an appropriate time. If this applies to you, we encourage you to listen to the program on your own first.------------------------------------>> Previous interviews with Colleen TronsonHear Colleen’s own testimony on a previous program: The Overturning of Roe v. Wade and Why Christian Leaders are Silent (starts at 35:35)How the Abortion Movement Has Become More Radical Post-Roe v. Wade>> Additional ResourcesMetro Women’s Center in Crystal, MNMarch for Life in MN - Monday, January 22, 2024Find a March for Life Near You180 Movie
January 20, 2024
GUEST: DARRELL HARRISON, pastoral staff, Redeemer Bible Church, Gilbert, AZThere are only two foundations for thinking and living: the perfect Word of God or the flawed word of man.In running further and further away from the truth of God’s Word, our leaders and people run headlong into the fallen and foolish reasonings of man that Paul warned Christians to avoid:“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ” (Colossians. 2:8).The empty deceptions of our day are seen and felt everywhere now. When one believes the lie that white, male, heterosexual Christians are responsible for victimizing everyone else, causing every conflict and ill, flawed and discriminatory solutions like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) which actually codifies injustice and discrimination against the alleged oppressors.Christians live in this fallen world with all its ungodly philosophies and so we must informed and prepared when it confronts us in our workplace, school, church, or even with children in our home who have been taken captive.Darrell Harrison, host of the Just Thinking podcast and a member of the pastoral staff at Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, AZ, joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to provide deeper insight on ideologies like DEI and pejorative terms like “colonization” used toward Americans and Israelis. He will also explain how these deceptions need to be especially resisted at the door of the church.------------------------Darrell Harrison’s podcast: Just Thinking is a long-form, expository podcast that boldly confronts cultural, social, political and theological issues through an orthodox biblical worldview.
January 13, 2024
GUEST: GRANT CASTLEBERRY, Senior Pastor, Capital Community Church (Raleigh, NC)While no one but God knows and determines the events and timing of the future, 2024 portends to be a turbulent year. A presidential election looms in November which will impact to varying degrees whether the United States continues to run full-speed ahead on its God-rejecting, globalist course.Many other major fissures contribute to the uncertainty: aggressive deconstruction of the Biblical marital, moral and gender norms, unprecedented financial debt, massive illegal immigration, major wars in Israel and Europe, and much, much more.Before His crucifixion and ascension, Jesus timelessly declared, “in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).In other words, if one is “in Christ” (born again), one can have peace and take courage because our Redeemer has overcome the world (“to conquer, prevail”)…and therefore so can the believer with His help.Comparing with other passages, overcoming the world doesn’t mean that believers and the church literally conquer or take dominion over the world but rather can live faithful, sanctified, and joyful lives in the midst of it.Grant Castleberry, pastor of Capital Community Church in Raleigh, NC, joins us this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss how Christians, pastors, and churches can overcome the world rather than being aligned with and negatively impacted by it. Grant will also analyze how Christian leaders like Tim Keller and organizations like Christianity Today have influenced evangelicals under age 40 to support the political left (read this post by pastor Josh Howerton on “How Misapplying Keller Hijacked US Christianity”).------------------------------Thanks to many of you for your encouraging notes and support of The Christian Worldview. We strive to do this radio ministry in order for God to say, “Well done, good and faithful slave…” (Mt. 25:21) but to hear that you are praying for us, being impacted by the programs, and urging us to keep on keeping on, is a shot in the arm to be faithful week after week. We are sobered and grateful.
January 6, 2024
GUEST: SCOTT ANIOL, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Grace Bible Theological SeminaryAs we celebrate Independence Day, which commemorates the signing in 1776 of the Declaration of Independence, the founding document of our nation, when the original 13 colonies declared their autonomy from British colonial rule.John Adams was a signer of the Declaration, one of the framers of the U.S. Constitution (1789), and the second President of the United States. Likely not a born-again Christian but rather a deist (a believer in a supreme being who is uninvolved in the affairs of mankind), Adams wrote the following about the link between morality and civil society:“…should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation [pretending] towards one another…which assumes the language of justice and moderation while it is practicing iniquity and extravagance…while it is rioting in rapine [violent seizure of property] and insolence [rude behavior], this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world; because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”We are seeing John Adams’ warning prove true in America today. We are at a low point in our nation when laws are passed granting the “freedom” to kill a child anytime during the nine months of pregnancy, when the “degrading passions” of homosexuality are normalized and codified as “marriage”, when adults parade openly and lewdly down the streets in front of children, and when children are led into the sin of cross-dressing and physical mutilation in the name of “gender affirming care”.Wicked depravity is now tolerated and affirmed in our nation and the predictable results are division, confusion, chaos, violence, harm, and hatred.So what are Christians to do, who like Lot living in Sodom “felt his righteous soul tormented day after day by their lawless deeds” (2 Peter 2:8)?Most Christians would say that our nation desperately needs to reclaim our Biblical foundations and establish laws and policies based on the truths of Christianity. But how would that take place? Is that Scripture’s call for Christians and the church to work to “Christianize” government?This weekend on The Christian Worldview, Scott Aniol, editor-in-chief of G3 Ministries and professor of pastoral theology at Grace Bible Theological Seminary, joins us to discuss “Christian Nationalism”, a term that means different things to different people.To some Christians, it means electing representatives who advocate for biblical principles in government. Other believers see it as a biblical mandate to work toward Christian rule over government and all institutions in society. While non-believers view it as religious extremists trying to institute a theocracy and oppress non-believers.Join us for a discussion on Christian Nationalism and what Bible says about Christians and government.---------------------------------------RELATED ARTICLES:The Mixed Blessings of a Christian NationChristian Faithfulness: The Biblical Alternative to Christian NationalismWhat if We Win? A Brief Response to Doug Wilson
December 30, 2023
This is a rebroadcast of a program that first aired December 24, 2022.This weekend’s program was first broadcast in December 2022 and was prepared to focus our attention on the Christ of Christmas. In the left column are resources and ideas for you to use personally with your own families.  The Christian Worldview wishes all of you a memorable and meaningful Christmas.  To God be all Glory!Christmas is upon us. While it’s easy to get distracted by all that competes for our attention—current events and politics, work and school, sports and recreation, travel and material things, even family and church—there is really only one most important issue and that is the person of Jesus Christ and what He has done for mankind.Jesus said, “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him” (John 3:36).That couldn’t be more clear. Where you spend eternity hinges on whether you place your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.Christmas is the time when Christians remember and celebrate God sending His Son into our world, born of a virgin woman, mighty and holy in word and deed, and loving and sacrificial in offering His perfect life to satisfy God’s wrath and justice for our sins.Today will be a program to think about not Christmas generally, but the Christ of Christmas specifically. We will read God’s word, listen to some music, even do a Christmas quiz, all to appreciate and worship the God/Man, the Lord Jesus Christ. For none of us would have any hope without His “One Solitary Life”.-----------------------------------CHRISTMAS RESOURCES for you and your family:QUIZ/POEMS/READINGS:Christmas QuizHistory behind I Heard the Bells on Christmas DayOne Solitary LifeOn Going Home for ChristmasVIDEO:The Gospel | Paul WasherTreasures of the Snow filmThe Legend of the Candy CaneTruce in the Forest short filmHans Brinker film AmazonMUSIC:O Holy Night | Phil WebbThe Messiah | Robert ShawTCW Christmas Music (Spotify)
December 23, 2023
GUEST: ABNER CHOU, head translator, Legacy Standard BibleChristmas is a season when Christians remember, rejoice, and praise God for sending His Son Jesus Christ into our world to offer Himself as the atonement for sin. The details of Christ’s birth and life were prophesied in the Old Testament and then fulfilled hundreds of years later in the New Testament.Christmas is also the end of the calendar year, and as we look to the new year, Christians often consider how to know and love God and His Word in a deeper way. Bible reading plans are hatched, sinful tendencies resolved to overcome, and godliness purposed in our hears.These are good desires. Paul told Timothy, and by extension all Christians, to “discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7).Godliness—or becoming like Christ—is the goal of the Christian life. But how do we “discipline” or “train” ourselves to pursue godliness?Abner Chou, president of The Masters’ University and head translator the the Legacy Standard Bible, which is a new English translation of the Bible that many consider to be the most accurate and one that The Christian Worldview is carrying in our store, will join us to discuss how to discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness.Abner will also explain how Christ was fully God and fully man during His time on earth and why that is so critical.---------------------------------Legacy Standard Bible:  Learn More | On Sale Now!We are carrying two versions (handy size and large print) of the LSB in various styles from faux leather to cowhide, red, black, brown, indexed and non-indexed
December 16, 2023
GUEST: STEVE MILLER, author, One Day NearerLast week in part one on our two-part series on Biblical prophecy, Steve Miller joined us to discuss his 365-day devotional book One Day Nearer: Daily Devotions in Anticipation of Jesus’ Glorious Return.He pointed out that the motivation to understand Biblical prophecy goes beyond knowing the what and when about the future but that it should impel believers to a deeper love for God and His awesome plan and victory when His Son returns in glory to judge and reign.Steve bolstered our faith by pointing to several Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled in the New Testament, such as Christ being born of a virgin woman in the town of Bethlehem. He also explained the three main end times views: premillennialism, amillennialism, and post-millennialism.This weekend in part two, Steve will answer some of the intriguing questions that believers have pondered over the years:When does the prophesied war of Gog and Magog take place and who is involved (i.e. Ezekiel 38-39)?Will the Jewish Temple be rebuilt next to the current Islamic mosque in Jerusalem?Who is “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17 and where does America fit in to end times prophecy?And, what is the believer’s call at this time?Steve’s daily devotional One Day Nearer is our new featured resource available for a donation of any amount to The Christian Worldview.-----------------------------------Steve Miller’s PodcastNEW Featured Resource: One Day Nearer365 Days of Keeping Watch and Finding Hope! Steve Miller’s daily devotional will help you live with an eternal perspective and in anticipation of Christ’s return. (384 pg, softcover)
December 9, 2023
GUEST: STEVE MILLER, author, One Day NearerI recently watched a program on Fox News Channel that featured some of the sharpest conservative minds, including Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, and Mark Levin. They were discussing the crumbling state of affairs in America and abroad with regard to overwhelming illegal immigration across our border, a takeover of the government school system by a Marxist worldview, crushing economic policies and inflation, political corruption, widespread anti-Israel sentiment, and several more.They detailed the problems accurately but I was left wondering what these intelligent men believe is going to happen in the future. Do they think with a different president that we’ll pull out of this death spiral? Do they think that America is too big to fail and that the pendulum will swing back the conservative way at some point? Do they know and believe what God has prophesied in the Bible about the end times?Only the born again Christian who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and accurately interprets Scripture is able to understand what is coming. While God has chosen to not reveal every detail and precise timing of the future, He has put enough in Scripture that we should know what’s coming, most especially, the return of Jesus Christ to defeat His enemies and reign.With each passing sunset, we are “one day nearer” to the return of Christ. And that is the best news! Why would the believer want to struggle on in this world—with sin, conflict, persecution, disease, and death—when we can live for eternity in perfection in the presence of Christ?Steve Miller is our guest this weekend and next. He has studied Biblical prophecy for decades and is the author of Foreshadows: 12 Megaclues Jesus’ Return is Nearer than Ever and the 365-day devotional book that we will be discussing today, One Day Nearer: Daily Devotions in Anticipation of Jesus’ Glorious Return. One Day Nearer is our new featured resource available for a donation of any amount.This week he will explain the purposes of Bible prophecy, the three major views (i.e. premillennialism, amillennialism, and post-millennialism),  and whether the idea of a “rapture” of church-age believers is a recent invention.-----------------------------Steve Miller’s Podcast: Foreshadows ReportNEW Featured Resource: One Day Nearer for a donation of any amount!365 Days of Keeping Watch and Finding Hope! Steve Miller’s daily devotional will help you live with an eternal perspective and in anticipation of Christ’s return. (384 pg, softcover)Additional Resource from Steve Miller: Foreshadows book
December 2, 2023
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