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The Power of Prophecy Part 1

April 1, 2023

The Lord through His Word gives us many prophecies… some of which have been fulfilled and others that will be in the future.  In Daniel we’re given both!  In chapter eight Daniel is given an amazing vision.  He sees a Ram, a Goat, and then a little horn!  The Lord gives us the interpretation here too, so we’re not left to wonder what this is all about. 

References: Daniel 8:1-8

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Today, pastor Jeff Johnson resumes his series in Genesis.  God places a calling on each of our lives, and we can either respond with obedience or disobedience.  Abraham is about to go in the wrong direction, and the consequences for disobeying God are severe. So let’s see together how this relates to us.  
March 31, 2023
Pastor Jeff Johnson is leading a study of Genesis right now, and today Abraham comes onto the scene.  You’ll hear God’s call on Abraham’s life.  God has a calling on your life too!  We’ll show you how to discern His calling and then be encouraged to follow in obedience.  
March 30, 2023
As you look around, mankind continues to sink to new lows.  The depravity, the moral decline… it leads us to shake our heads wondering could it get any worse?  And as we’ll learn today on Sound Doctrine this sort of confusion is what happens when a people take their eyes off of God and choose to rebel.   Pastor Jeff Johnson opens Genesis chapter eleven now and spotlights the rebellion that took place at the tower of Babel.
March 29, 2023
Is your church going through a building project? Today on Sound Doctrine we look back to a building project that represented all the wrong things and was built on the wrong foundation.  It was built in direct disobedience to God. Pastor Jeff Johnson will attract our attention to chapter eleven of Genesis which spotlights man’s rebellion and God’s call.  
March 28, 2023
I’m sure you’ve heard of all the ways you can track your ancestry. There are websites and DNA tests that can pinpoint exactly where you came from and who your relatives are. Today, Pastor Jeff Johnson is going to give us a glimpse far back into our history to see where we came from.  We’ll pay particular attention to Genesis chapter ten verse ten, where Babel is first mentioned.  This represents a false religious system that is still very active today.
March 27, 2023
We’ll be finishing up Daniel chapter seven today.  You’ll recall the prophet Daniel is given a dream where he sees several empires and one of them will be under the rule and reign of the antichrist.  This will be followed by the final Kingdom, when Jesus comes again to establish His rule and reign.  We’ll hear all about it today as our study of Daniel continues.  
March 25, 2023
Many of us find it interesting to learn a little bit about our history and where we came from.  Maybe as a kid you were given the assignment in school of creating a family tree?  Today we’re going to tell you where you came from… and take you way back!  Your family tree can actually be traced back to either Ham, Shem or Japheth.  Those are Noah’s sons.  
March 24, 2023
There’s something embedded within us that just loves a juicy piece of gossip!   Someone comes to us with something negative about another person, and we can’t wait to share it!  But today on Sound Doctrine we’ll see how destructive that sort of behavior is, and pastor Jeff Johnson will reveal how love covers a multitude of sins.  
March 23, 2023
Don’t you love it following a rainstorm when a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky?  Maybe you didn’t realize it, but those rainbows are to be a reminder to us that God will never destroy the earth with water again!  That’s a wonderful promise, but today on Sound Doctrine we transition from rainbows to shadows!  We’re confronted with a problem that resides in all of us.  That nasty sin nature!  But I’m happy to say God has provided a remedy. 
March 22, 2023
Today we continue our study of Genesis, and we left off in chapter nine.  Here God is establishing certain institutions like the family, government, and the church!  It’s not hard to see, mankind has drifted away from God’s plan and purpose for these institutions. 
March 21, 2023
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Daily Devotions
This special collections of daily devotions with your Calvary Chapel Pastors will edify you as you read each day of the year. God's Word in these devotions will inspire you. As these Pastors share their hearts and personal experiences of God's faithfulness.

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