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Jeff Johnson

Not by Might or by Power, but by My Spirit Part 1b

January 10, 2020

Open that Bible of yours to Acts 11 and join us for Sound Doctrine. Though it was a difficult time for the early church, It’s quite evident that the Lord was moving in incredible ways!  The preaching of the Gospel was going out, and people were coming to Christ left and right!  God wants to do the same thing today!  

References: Acts 11:19-23

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We’ll open our Bibles to Acts 11 today on Sound Doctrine.  Pastor Jeff is quick to point out this passage in verses 19-23 describes a major development in the church.  God is now choosing to make a Gentile city the center for missions.  This was huge.  And there are some important ministry lessons to glean from this as well. 
January 9, 2020
Today on Sound Doctrine we open Acts chapter eleven.  The gospel is now going out to the Gentiles for the first time and this was a big time change! There was resistance and challenges along the way.  Pastor Jeff points out three evidences that prove this was God’s work!
January 8, 2020
Throughout our Christian experience, we’ll no doubt encounter some legalists.  But how should we respond to them?  Today on Sound Doctrine, we find a good and gracious response from Peter in Acts chapter eleven, as he shares his testimony and the work of God in his life.  
January 7, 2020
When someone does things different than you would prefer, or says something that sort of rubs you the wrong way, how do you react?  Are you quick to criticize or even judge that person?  Pastor Jeff will encourage us to steer clear of that sort of behavior, and instead exhibit grace in the ministry!  We're in Acts chapter eleven today.
January 6, 2020
Don’t you love opening the Bible and reading how God prepares hearts to receive Him, then they come to the Lord, and experience a radical change in their lives?  That’s exactly what happened in Acts ten, and pastor Jeff will take this opportunity to encourage all of us to be saved by faith and become a disciple of Christ!  It should lead to a baptism of love and power.    
January 3, 2020
Pastor Jeff will cover some more ground in Acts chapter ten today, and we’ll encounter a beautiful prophecy that’s being fulfilled even as we speak. What once was promised to the Jews is now available to Gentiles too!  Everyone of us can not only experience salvation, but also God’s power and Spirit at work in our lives.  You can be sure we’ll need that, in this new year ahead.  
January 2, 2020
As we open up Acts chapter 10 today on Sound Doctrine, God has prepared the hearts of the people, Peter is sharing the Gospel message, and something amazing happens as a result!  The Holy Spirit fell on all of those that heard the Word that day, and they were Gentiles.  Pastor Jeff will explain the great significance of this on this first day of the new year.    
January 1, 2020
What does the future hold? That’s the question on most people’s minds. As we look to a special edition of Sound Doctrine, Pastor Jeff gives a New Year’s End Times Update. In it he shares the timing of our place on the Biblical prophetic clock and helps us to see the mindset that the Lord wants us to have as we seek to live for Him in these last days. With that in mind, let’s join Pa
December 31, 2019
Of all the obstacles that believers experience in the Christian life, the fear of telling others about the Good News of Jesus Christ, has often been mentioned at the top of the list. However, Pastor Jeff counters those fears by showing us how God has equipped us as believers by causing us to have the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It’s the second installment of our study titled, “The Baptism of Love and Power, Part 2”. We find ourselves in
December 30, 2019
 Whoever believes in Him. That’s the thrust of Peter’s message to the first Gentiles to officially receive the Gospel in Acts. And with that phrase it offers the key element of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Pastor Jeff shares that the ministry of Jesus results in either judgment or salvation. He says that Jesus will soon intervene in judgment in the affairs of man. As we begin our study in the Baptism of Love and Power Part 2 in Acts 10 in our time in Sound Doctrine. 
December 27, 2019
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Daily Devotions
This special collections of daily devotions with your Calvary Chapel Pastors will edify you as you read each day of the year. God's Word in these devotions will inspire you. As these Pastors share their hearts and personal experiences of God's faithfulness.

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