Sound Doctrine

Jeff Johnson

God's View of Man Part 1

August 10, 2022

If asked to do some self-evaluation, how would you describe yourself?  Keep that in the back of your mind.  We’ll compare it with God’s view of you today on Sound Doctrine.  Apart from Christ we’re all sick and lost.  We’re in Romans, and in the first three chapters we discover mankind is guilty before a holy God.  The apostle Paul is about to drive that point home in chapter three, verses 10-18.  

References: Romans 3:10-18

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The Jews of long ago had a great advantage as they were given God’s Word and told about the coming Messiah. But they didn’t see it as the privilege it really was, but rather became self-righteous. Fast forward to today and we have a big advantage in having the Word of God too. But do we see those advantages, and live as we should in light of them?  Today on Sound Doctrine we’ll listen to part two of pastor Jeff Johnson’s message, “But I’m a Christian, So What!”   
August 9, 2022
Think of the great privilege and advantage we have today in the Word of God being made available to us?  You can turn on the radio like this, and hear it being taught.  You can read the Bible online, or through an app.  Or hear it being taught at church every week.  But with this great advantage comes great responsibility, as we’ll discover today on Sound Doctrine.  Pastor Jeff Johnson pulls that out of Romans chapter three.
August 8, 2022
We're in Daniel chapter two today.  Nebuchadnezzar had a troubling dream and he goes on a quest to discover its meaning.  In the verses before us today God is going to speak to the pagan King and He’ll use Daniel in the process.   Through it all, we’re carefully considering this question: What does the future hold?
August 6, 2022
It’s been said, “if you think you’re perfect then try walking on water.” That’s why we’re all in the same boat, pun intended. We need a boat if we’re to be out on the water and we need a Savior if perfection is the standard for entrance to heaven.  We’re in a series of studies based in the book of Romans and in chapter two we discover that religion and rituals will not save us!  But Jesus will!  
August 5, 2022
Back in the first century the Jew was given a tremendous privilege. But as it’s been well said with privilege comes responsibility. There’s also great risk as we’ll hear about today on Sound Doctrine.  As we return to the book of Romans we’ll learn that it’s foolish to trust in the law to save.  The Jew of that time didn’t live up to their privilege and consequently brought reproach on God’s name. It’s a grave error you definitely want to avoid. 
August 4, 2022
Soon we’ll be going to the polls to elect our representatives in an important mid-term election.  I’m sure you have your opinion about whether those currently in office are rightly representing us the people.  But did you realize that as a Christian you’re a representative of God?  Are you rightly representing Him to a lost and dying world?  We’ll consider that today on Sound Doctrine as pastor Jeff Johnson returns to
August 3, 2022
Christians are representatives of God.  Whether that’s at the workplace, on the softball field, or on the freeway at rush hour.  Question is, are you rightly representing God?  We’ll thoughtfully consider that today through a study in Romans chapter two.  
August 2, 2022
Pastor Jeff Johnson is in Romans right now, and we plan on covering chapter two, and verses 10-15.  If you’ll recall this chapter is really like a courtroom scene, where all of mankind is guilty, and without excuse.  We will stand before God the judge one day to give an account for our lives.  There is a way to be declared not guilty, and that’s through trusting in Christ and turning from your sin.  
August 1, 2022
We’ve all had nightmares, and some of them were so terrifying that even after we wake up we still question whether or not it was real.  Today on Sound Doctrine we’ll see how God got a King’s attention through his sleep, and in doing so revealed world history.  
July 30, 2022
We’ll meet you in Romans chapter two today.  We see injustice in our world, sin being celebrated, and evil seems to be triumphing… leaving some to wonder when will God step in and do something about it.  He will judge, the Bible assures us of that.  And when He does it will be according to deeds, truth and accumulated guilt.  That rises to the surface in today’s study of Romans.  
July 29, 2022
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Daily Devotions
This special collections of daily devotions with your Calvary Chapel Pastors will edify you as you read each day of the year. God's Word in these devotions will inspire you. As these Pastors share their hearts and personal experiences of God's faithfulness.

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