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Jeff Johnson

Being Led by God Part 1

September 13, 2023

Pastor Jeff Johnson is nearing the end of a lengthy study in Genesis. As we turn to chapter 46, Jacob is on the way to Egypt. Maybe you’re about to make a big move yourself?  Relocating to another state, or wondering if you should accept that job proposal?  Before you make a move, you’ll want to consider what pastor Jeff has to say today on Sound Doctrine in part one of, “Being Led by God.”

References: Genesis 46

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When something bad happens in our lives, we so often fixate on the circumstances and how we feel about it.  But we so often fail to recognize how God uses what we go through to accomplish a greater plan and purpose.   He did this for Joseph as you’ll hear today on Sound Doctrine.  Pastor Jeff Johnson visits Genesis chapter 45 and helps us to see what God is up to, even through that difficulty you may be facing right now!  
September 12, 2023
Pastor Jeff Johnson will be in Genesis 45 if you want to head there now.  It’s time for the big reveal, as Joseph is about to make himself known to his brothers.  It’s an eye-opener in more ways than one!  You’ll soon hear how God helped Joseph to see beyond the evil act of his brothers to God’s greater purpose!  If we have eyes to see, we’ll notice the Lord doing the very same in our lives.
September 11, 2023
Today we’re going to pick up where we left off in Daniel, which happens to be chapter eleven.  Have you ever had a friend or family member question the accuracy of God’s Word?  Or maybe you have some doubts yourself?  When you carefully study a passage like this and see how prophecy has been fulfilled with such remarkable accuracy… it leaves no doubt that the Bible really is true. 
September 9, 2023
Our God is a transformer of lives.  Many of you can attest to that!  And today on Sound Doctrine we’ll hear of another great example of this as Judah and his brothers experience a huge moral change. It’s a good and needed reminder that God can change even the hardest of hearts.  
September 8, 2023
God has His ways of getting us to the place He wants us to be.  Often that involves the trying of our faith!  We see that in the story of Joseph and his brothers.  God is working on their hearts, and these brothers are coming to the end of themselves.  
September 7, 2023
You can be sure that in this life you’ll face trials and testings. But here’s something to remember in the midst of it… God is up to something good and He has a wonderful plan for you.  That rises to the surface in our study of the life of Joseph today on Sound Doctrine.   
September 6, 2023
Today we get back to our study of Genesis and the story of Joseph.  Don’t you love a good story of reconciliation?  People who separated due to hurt and mistreatment, and the relationship over time is restored.  We’ve got a good one for you between Joseph and his brothers today.  I think you’ll be encouraged as you hear how the Lord also reconciles us to God through Jesus. 
September 5, 2023
Don’t you love those shows where someone totally transforms a car, house, or even a person’s appearance?  We marvel at the before and after.  Today on Sound Doctrine we’ll discover that God specializes in transforming people.  He did it for Judah and Jacob and He can do it in you too!  
September 4, 2023
We’ve all seen the news footage of the horrendous war that’s taking place between Russia and the Ukraine.  But there’s another war going on right now, that you might not be aware of or know very little about.  It’s in the spiritual realm.  And the best way to fight is on our knees in prayer.  We’ll tell you all about it on this edition of Sound Doctrine.  Pastor Jeff will be finishing Daniel chapter ten here in part two of Spiritual Warfare and Angels.
September 2, 2023
Our teacher Jeff Johnson heads back to the book of Genesis today. One of the more apparent lessons to be found in Genesis is how God can bring about change in a life that seems unchangeable.  This demonstrates God’s power - His grace-  and is greatly encouraging in a day when the love of many grows cold.  Today we’ll hear not only of how Judah is changed, but also of Jacob having a change of heart too. 
September 1, 2023
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Daily Devotions
This special collections of daily devotions with your Calvary Chapel Pastors will edify you as you read each day of the year. God's Word in these devotions will inspire you. As these Pastors share their hearts and personal experiences of God's faithfulness.

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