1. Losing the wonder.

Do I have a genuine passion for Christ and ministry? Have I lost the wonder of my relationship with Christ, of the call to ministry? Am I just going through the motions?

2. Proclaiming truth we’re not living.

Is there any issue that God has revealed in His Word that I am not obeying? Am I living, walking as a “repenter”? Is my private lifestyle consistent with that which I proclaim to others? Could I say to those who follow me, “Live your life just as I do, and God will bless you”?

3. Neglecting our personal relationship with the Lord.

“No amount of activity in the King’s service will make up for the neglect of the King Himself.” 
~Robert Murray McCheyne

Do I have a vital, growing, intimate, love relationship with the Lord Jesus? Am I nurturing “my vineyard” through daily time in His presence, in the Word and prayer?

4. Relying on the natural.

a. Natural gifts and abilities
“If there is any human explanation for our Christian service . . . then however impressive our work may appear in the eyes of men, it will be burnt up in the day of testing as wood, hay, and straw. . . . The only work that will abide for eternity is that which is produced in humble dependence upon the power of God’s Holy Spirit.” ~ William Gurnall

b. Natural tools, resources, or programs
How does my life evidence a dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit? What is there about my life and ministry that cannot be explained apart from God? Am I allowing God to stretch me, to push me out of the “comfort zone” of what I think I can handle? Am I laying down my life for people, or am I just applying principles and programs to their problems?

5. Leaving the pathway of humility. 

Am I walking in humility? Do I have a teachable spirit? Am I amazed that God would use me?

6. Losing a servant’s heart. 

“Any problem can be solved, if people have a servant’s heart.” ~ Bobby Moore

Do I have a servant’s heart? Am I committed to making those around me a success? Do I esteem all others as better than myself?

7. Failing to resolve conflict biblically. 

Is my conscience clear with every person? Is there anyone that I know who has something against me that I haven’t gone to? Is there anyone who has sinned against me, that I haven’t gone to?

8. Settling for the status quo. 
Am I exercising faith in the power of God? Am I seeking God for fresh vision and opportunities to glorify Him? What am I believing God for that only He can do?

9. Serving without love. 

Is my service motivated by genuine love for God and others?

10. Losing perspective.

a. Forgetting how big God is leads to discouragement.
“Our circumstances are the means of manifesting how wonderfully perfect and extraordinary pure the Son of God is.” ~ Oswald Chambers

b. Forgetting how little we are leads to pride and self-sufficiency.
Does my life demonstrate a conviction that God is omnipotent and sovereign?

11. Expressing discontentment.

Am I content with God’s provision in my life? Am I content with where He has placed me? Am I an encourager, a “cheerleader” for my fellow workers? Do I pray for, support, and lift up the hands of those entrusted with the leadership of the ministry?

12. Seeking comfort and convenience.

If this ministry were no more virile than my walk with God, what would be the condition of this ministry? Am I self-seeking or self-denying? Have I surrendered all of my “rights” to myself—to my personal desires, comfort, and convenience?