Dear friend,

Is there any doubt in your mind that we are living in desperate times? Just look around.

- Think of all the people you know hose lives are in crisis.
- Think of the marriages that are breaking up, the parents who are grieving the choices of prodigal children.
- Think of the churches that are in turmoil or that at best are conducting business as usual, apart from any real evidence of the supernatural presence and power of God.
- Think of the increasing secularism of our society, of the growing acceptance of false religions and the intensified opposition to Christian faith and practice.
- Think of the widespread corruption that permeates our culture and of the legitimization and promotion of sinful practices in the public square.
- Think of the unremitting crises that capture the headlines, one after another, day after day: economic instability, natural disasters, the proliferation of evil and injustice on every side.

The prophet Jeremiah lived in just such a day. And in that context, he called for women to join together—to acknowledge their great need, to grieve over the deadly consequences of sin in the land, and to earnestly seek the Lord (see Jeremiah 9:17–24).

More and more people are realizing that we are at a crossroads, and that nothing short of divine intervention will meet the desperate needs surrounding us. True Woman ’12 is a call to women to come together to seek the Lord for what only He can do—in our hearts, our homes, our churches, our land, and our world.

Now is the time
for us as women to:
- Humble ourselves and confess our need for God’s mercy
- Freshly submit ourselves to Christ as Lord and to the authority of His Word over every area of life
- Lift up our hands and hearts to Him, crying out on behalf of our marriages, children, churches, and nation
- Plead with God for a fresh visitation and outpouring of His Spirit in our day
- Exalt the risen Christ and boldly proclaim His gospel and grace within our sphere of influence.

God is doing a new work in the hearts of women today. True Woman ’12 is a unique, timely call for women who are hungry for more of Him, who are desperate for the presence and power of Christ in their lives, who long to see His glory displayed in our world, and who are burdened for the spiritual needs of others around them.

I believe True Woman ’12 could be far more than an event. I believe it could prove to be a historic gathering . . . a decisive moment in time when we look back and realize “God visited His people” . . . a rallying point from which women will go forth to fulfill their divine calling and mission in our world—for His glory!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in our day. Please join me and thousands of like-hearted women in Seeking Him Together—at True Woman ’12
Seeking Him with you!