We can learn a great deal from other women simply by asking good questions about what God has done in their lives and what they have learned over the years. Here are 54 conversation starters to help you get started.

  1. What are some practical bits of advice you can offer concerning a woman's day-to-day life?
  2. What is your salvation story?
  3. Tell me about your relationship with the Lord?
  4. What role does prayer have in your life?
  5. When and how do you read the Word of God?
  6. What have you been learning from the Word lately?
  7. What have you been praying about lately?
  8. Who are your closest friends? What keeps you close to one another?
  9. Have you ever had disagreements or tension with friends? How did you navigate that? What brought peace?
  10. How have you responded to jealousy over the years? Have you ever been jealous of someone else? Has someone else ever been jealous of you?
  11. What is your favorite hymn?
  12. What is your favorite verse from the Bible?
  13. Do you have a hero? Who is it?
  14. What is your favorite book?
  15. Have you ever endured a personal tragedy? Tell me about it. How did you survive? What did you learn about God through it? What Scripture helped, or helps, you to survive tragedy or crisis?
  16. What is the best thing a woman can do in the midst of suffering?
  17. What must a woman believe in the midst of suffering?
  18. Have you ever walked with someone else through a season of suffering? How did you love and serve them best?
  19. What are the most helpful things a woman can do to care for a suffering person?
  20. How can a woman love a lonely person?
  21. What is a physical challenge you've endured? What have you learned from that experience?
  22. Have there ever been times when you thought God wasn't coming through? Times when you struggled with disappointment or doubt?
  23. What do you miss about the past?
  24. If you could rewind your life, is there anything you would change?
  25. What role has church played in your life?
  26. What are your best memories of the local church?
  27. How did you, or do you, serve in your local church?
  28. What are some of the ways a woman can bless her local church and help it to thrive?
  29. Where do you live now? What is your home like?
  30. What are some practical ways a woman can "build her home"?
  31. What have you learned about hospitality over the years? How can a woman make her guests feel valued?
  32. What are your best tips for inviting guests, preparing food, preparing your home, and investing attention in guests?
  33. Have you ever interacted with international people? What are your experiences?
  34. How can a woman reach out and serve international people who are living in the same community?
  35. What have you learned about loving people who are different than you are?
  36. What type of hospitality do you like to extend (dinner guests, parties, exchange students, tea time, etc.)? Why has this worked well for you?
  37. What is your favorite food to serve others in your home?
  38. Are you or were you ever married? Tell me all about it! How did you meet your spouse? What is/was your spouse like? What are/were you like together?
  39. Marriage: How can a woman maintain a great relationship with her husband?
  40. Marriage: How can a woman love her husband?
  41. Marriage: How can a woman respect her husband?
  42. Marriage: How can a woman help her husband?
  43. Marriage: How can a woman pray for her husband?
  44. Marriage: What is the most important thing a woman can do to bless her husband and build her marriage?
  45. Marriage: What is the biggest waste of time in marriage?
  46. Marriage: What is the biggest deterrent to marriage?
  47. Are you a mother? Tell me all about it! Who are your children? How old are they now, and what are their lives like?
  48. Motherhood: How did/do you pray for your child(ren)?
  49. Motherhood: How did/do you keep in touch with your child(ren)?
  50. Motherhood: What were the best things you did when your children were young?
  51. Motherhood: What were the best things you did when your children were teenagers?
  52. Motherhood: What were the best things you did when your children were young adults?
  53. Motherhood: In your opinion, what is the most difficult season of motherhood? How did you survive?
Motherhood: What is the wisest thing a mother can do for her children?