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How to Sustain Love

January 14, 2021
Reset with Bonnie Sala

Are You Hiding from God?

January 15, 2021

One of the best things about God’s Word is that it tells us about real people with real flaws and shows how God deals with them. Take Saul, for example. The tallest and most handsome man in Israel, the Bible says that God called him to be Israel’s first king. (1 Samuel 10:9)

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About Reset

We all need a daily reset!  Bonnie Sala shares 2 minutes of daily encouragement that will help you connect the way you live with what you believe.  Learn how the truth and grace of God’s Word can reset your thinking, relationships, attitudes, habits and more!

About Bonnie Sala

Bonnie’s faith foundation was laid growing up as both a pastor’s kid and a missionary kid.  Her faith in Jesus has been tested in this broken world, and her experiences have given her a heart for the hurting.  She is the president of Guidelines International Ministries, which exists to shine the light of the Gospel in places of spiritual darkness through media. 


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