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Shelby Abbott

Addiction, Van Life, and the Faith that Holds Me Together: Feli Velez

November 25, 2023
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Through van life, her road through addiction, and her podcast, Feli Velez knows not all who wander are lost. She gets real about relapse, guilt, and living a life tethered to God—no matter how far you roam.

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Real Life Loading... is a mashup of biblical truth, personal authenticity, cultural awareness, and straight-up humor for young adults who are hungry for more than plastic Christianity. It’s a podcast about the life-changing power of Jesus for relationships in a constantly shifting culture. If that sounds interesting, pull up a chair.

About Shelby Abbott

Shelby Abbott is a Philly-based author, speaker, and campus minister who digs his wife, his daughters, sneakers, vinyl, movies, authenticity, and a healthy dose of positive sarcasm. Most of all, he's wild about Jesus and His ability to change everything about life.

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