Moments of Music

Jonathan Urie

Come To Me

February 20, 2024

Music: Cradled In The Arms Of God, by Jonathan Urie


Music: Courage, by Jonathan Urie
February 19, 2024
Music: What More Can You Ask? sung sung by Gail Farrell
February 18, 2024
Music: All Things, by Jonathan Urie
February 17, 2024
Music: Affirmation Song, by Jonathan Urie
February 16, 2024
Music: Praise Be To God, by Jonathan Urie
February 15, 2024
Music: Nothing Is By Chance, by Jonathan Urie
February 14, 2024
Music: O' My Shepherd, by Jonathan Urie
February 13, 2024
Music: Winds Of Change, by Joanthan Urie
February 12, 2024
Music: Your Love, Jesus Oh Your Love; by Jonathan Urie
February 11, 2024
Music: It's Remarkable, by Jonathan Urie
February 10, 2024
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About Moments of Music

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, this ministry of music and spoken word has produced 21 albums and 1600 radio programs that air worldwide. Freely Received….Freely Give - Matthew 10:8. Each day, by God’s grace and according to His plan thousands of seeking hearts are introduced to Jesus, touched by God’s word and Spirit-inspired music.

To God be the glory!

“The word of God is at it’s best when it sings!” Eugene Peterson

About Jonathan Urie

Canadian, Jonathan Urie, is a Christian, music composer, songwriter, pianist and radio program narrator/producer.

Many of the past several years have been devoted to the development of the celebrated Helen Steiner Rice music project of 20 songs called The Helen Steiner Rice Musical Moments. A journey of the Spirit that began many years ago has taught Jonathan much about patience, perseverance, the power of prayer, trust, faith, courage and the guiding hand of the Lord.

Along the way many new songs have emerged that reflect the valleys and mountain tops of the Journey. JESUS,  The Touch of the Master, What God Has Done For You, It’s Remarkable, I Will Never Leave You, Be Not Afraid, Your Love Jesus O’ Your Love, Cradled In The Arms of God.

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