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What it Takes to Bring Planned Parenthood Down

September 25, 2009
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Interview: Lila Rose
Planned Parenthood is the most powerful abortion provider and abortion lobby in the world. A billion dollar organization, about 1/3 of its income comes from our tax dollars. But one little homeschooled girl found five smooth stones down at the brook, and tossed one at the giant, just to see what would happen. Lila Rose is part of a team of young pro-lifers who have found a way to strip the facade off of the Planned Parenthood organization to show its true colors, and its support for eugenicist practices and other illegal perversions. In one of the most important battles of our day, these pro-lifers demonstrate dogged persistence, strong convictions, and true courage.
Every now and then you find some kid who picks up a stone saying, "I wonder what would happen if I. . ."

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