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The Statues are Crashing Down - Shall We Honor a Heritage or Destroy It?

June 25, 2020
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George Washington has come down. Columbus is down. Andrew Jackson is toppling in Washington. The statues are falling all over the country. There are three issues to consider. First, we are concerned for the intensity of the revolution, the total rejection of a heritage, and the destructive nature of it. Then, we have the question of statues, with the very strong rooting in the man-worshiping humanism of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But then, what do we teach our children? Will they honor the heritage of George Washington, Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson, John Winthrop, Augustine, Athanasius, and the rest of Christian history? What kind of curriculum will you give your children now? Will they be taught to honor a heritage in the post-Christian age, or the post-America age?

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