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The 2018 Mid Term Elections - Republicans Get Rural, Uneducated Votes

November 5, 2018
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Why are the poor and the uneducated voting Republican, while the Democrats are getting the votes from the rich and the educated? Are Republicans less intelligent than Democrats? Is that the message? Or is education and intelligence a poor correlation in a day of politically correct, anti-Christian education. The rural vote still goes Republican and the big city vote goes Democrat. The Democrats get the minority vote by a significant margin, but Christians need to disciple the nations that are rushing into America. After all, this is our commission from our Lord. Sadly, the conservative vote doesn’t really care about principle. They’re just trying to keep the “pesky” Central Americans out of the country. But, that’s losing battle, given that the birth rate in Central America is 2-3 times higher than this country’s birth rate. In the end, the Margaret Sanger worldview will lose.

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