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Pandora's Box Office - Interview: Eric Holmberg

February 5, 2008
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Here Kevin Swanson reviews one of the most shocking exposes anybody will ever watch in their lives. Pandora's Box Office is a new DVD release produced by Eric Holmberg that illustrates the incredible power of Hollywood to take a nation from the bathroom to the toilet, into the sewer system. Again, and again, in a relentless series of vignettes, Eric Holmberg takes you on a journey through Hollywood's productions. Over 40 years, sexuality on the movie screen moves from married people in separate beds to rape scenes enacted and homosexuality and aberrant forms celebrated on screen. Where will the future lead with these things? Reality murder shows for millions to watch?
Kevin Swanson interviews Eric Holmberg on the sinister role of movies in taking a culture to Gomorrah, the critical importance of biblical discernment, and the future of a nation that forgot God.

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