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The Population Bomb -- Malthus' Miscalculation

February 1, 2008
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Humanist cultures that tout their population implosions make way for those worldviews like Islam that are having children, lots of them! Nevertheless, this anti-baby climate is strong in the West. Just ask any parent with more than three children who walks through a grocery store and gets the question - "Are all those yours?"
Australian university professors suggesting a $900 per year carbon tax for any family who has more than 2 children. An English woman recommends sterilization to "save the planet."
Kevin Swanson reviews the roots of these ideas in the teachings of one Rev. Thomas Malthus - another monster in the list of intellectuals that ruined the west. Here was a man who introduced the idea of the scarcity of resources.
Kevin argues that what we are up against is not a scarcity of resources. God is far more generous than these humanist pessimists think He is. Rather, we face a scarcity of faith, love, and character. Get ready to redefine economics, by means of a worldview paradigm shift!

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