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Oppose Socialism, Go to Hell? - Rep. Rangel Appeals to God's Law

October 1, 2013
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Finally, the Democrats are appealing to God's law as the standard for morality. Charlie Rangel finds Jesus supporting socialism, when he tells his disciples to give to their poor brothers. But is he really serious about applying God's laws, and the rest of Jesus' teachings? For example, would he apply Matthew 15 admonition concerning the son who curses his mother and father? Kevin Swanson points out the hypocrisy of those who half-heartedly take a little bit here and a little bit there from Jesus in order to render support for their pre-conceived worldviews. Kevin Swanson also contrasts the horrible violence carried out by Socialist and Muslim worldviews in the 20th century, as they worked hard to destroy a Christian law order in the West.

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Kevin Swanson is the host of Generations Radio and a homeschool father of five children. Homeschooled himself in the 1960's and 1970's, Kevin went on to run for US Senate and has since traveled around the US and world speaking on the family, education, and biblical worldview. As the Director of Generations with Vision, Kevin has a passion for faith, family, and freedom in the 21st Century.

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