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Christians Working on the Tower of Babel

May 28, 2009
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Christians who Work for the Mafia
Should you get a job teaching that the beginning of knowledge is NOT the fear of God? Should you work in sex education classes in a high school, explaining the failure rates of condoms, drawing the distinctions between forms of homosexual activity. . . while you are not permitted to teach it in the fear of God? Should you as a Christian contractor, construct torture cells in Guantanamo for the purpose of torturing Christians, or even Muslims for that matter? What if the government has just confiscated 8 properties from widows in your county, and they want to sell it to you for ten cents on the dollar?
Kevin Swanson addresses the tricky questions of being in the world but not of it, in this segment of Generations. Should Christian home educators take money from the government and the concomitant controls? What if the government wants to give you $10,000 for a research project on the procreating behavior of aardvarks during a full moon?

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