It was a cold night when Pastor Lee Jong-rak stumbled on a newborn who had been abandoned in an alley in Seoul, South Korea. He quickly takes the infant, and goes on to build a “baby box” at the front of his church – a warm, safe place where desperate mothers can leave babies who would otherwise be abandoned.

Since then, Pastor Lee, his wife Chun-ja and a small team of volunteers have rescued more than 600 babies. Despite the many number of times Pastor Lee has heard the bell ring, indicating a child has been left in the box, there’s always a sense of urgency as he quickly makes the walk down to the box

It’s truly incredible to think of the life-saving ministry that takes place in the humble Jusarang (God’s Love) Community. That’s why so many who have watched this award-winning documentary have called it life-changing. It’s the type of film you have to share with others, so they may also understand the power of God’s love.

Individual and group tickets are available at A portion of the film’s proceeds goes to support the ministry of Pastor Lee.