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Handling Conflict with Kindness

November 17, 2020
Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast with Jim Daly

Finding Real Happiness in Your Marriage

November 19, 2020

Your spouse may be trying to do a good a job, but he or she can only do so much. What do you do when your spouse isn't meeting your expectations? John, Greg and Erin talk about letting go of unrealistic expectations and what it means to find true happiness, even when you're facing conflict. Featuring Leslie Vernick.

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How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong:

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About Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast

The Focus on Marriage podcast provides timeless wisdom that will challenge and encourage you in your marriage.

About Jim Daly

Jim Daly is President of Focus on the Family. His personal story from orphan to head of an international Christian organization dedicated to helping families thrive demonstrates — as he says — "that no matter how torn up the road has already been, or how pothole-infested it may look ahead, nothing — nothing — is impossible for God."

Daly is author of two books, Finding Home and Stronger. He is also a regular panelist for The Washington Post/Newsweekblog “On Faith.”

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