When my husband, Dennis, first began using Facebook, it was an affront to our 23-year-old daughter. She let him know he was “too old” for this modern media format.  He was not dissuaded.  He is managing it quite well — as opposed to me — and enjoys posting and getting feedback from so many people.  (He’d welcome you if you want to friend him.)

The story I want to share is the amazing response he received from a question he posted the week of Valentine’s Day last year.  He asked, “What is the most romantic thing your spouse has done for you?”  The answers were wonderful, varied, and encouraging.  Here are a few:

He doesn’t stare at other women, but makes a point to look away and focus only on me, giving me a smile or a wink. This makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive.

Years ago, when we didn’t have a lot, my dear husband took me to a nearby town to spend the day. We had a babysitter for the kids. During the time we were gone, my husband had arranged for his mom to come over and make dinner for us, and had it warming in the oven. She had set our table with our wedding china. She was gone by the time we got there.… It was really sweet.

This may not sound romantic on the front end, but it is to me. After suffering years of infertility we finally conceived, only to later discover that it was an ectopic pregnancy and I would need emergency surgery. In the surgery waiting room, my husband insisted on being with me, even though he was told he couldn’t. He sat with me and held my hand and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I love you and I promise you that we are going to be okay,” Infertility can make a woman feel like a failure, but I gained so much security in knowing that God gave me this man who loved me no matter what. I think that’s the most romantic thing a man can do for his wife — he gave me security.

My wife writes a daily note sharing something she loves about me. She’s been doing this for more than two years. We’re geographically separated due to my military service…these notes have been a lifeline to keep me afloat in the deep end of life!

Okay…most people probably won’t find this romantic but my wife got me a mini-season-ticket package to the Houston Astros. She knows my love language.

The short version: Sherry and I divorced on the day of our fourteenth wedding anniversary, went to a Weekend to Remember® two months later, and then, (here’s the romantic part) got remarried on the porch of the old home we are remodeling together. God is the Great Redeemer!

There were other great comments — some funny, but overall really encouraging to hear so many varied responses.

When I wrote about these responses in our Marriage Memo e-newsletter, I asked readers to send in their own answers, and within a few days we had another 85 e-mails. Here are a few of the responses (and you can read all of them by clicking here):

He brought me home my very own pint of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. Why so romantic?  To me it is the small things that count. He doesn't even like coffee ice cream so it was ALL for me! 

After over 35 years of marriage, on the first day of his retirement he did the dishes for me while I was still at work. That may not seem like much to many but prior to his retirement I can count on one hand the times he washed the dishes. Every time I think about that my heart sings!

To me, it's all the little things that my husband does to capture my heart. Michael has to leave for work every morning at 5 a.m. and he still finds time to leave my vitamins out and make our bed before heading out the door. That is so romantic to me.    

Even after 18 years of marriage, my husband still comes to the front door and rings the doorbell to pick me up for our dates! I still feel giddy and excited when he does this.

My husband and I have been together for almost 22 years. We were separated for three of those years, and during that time we individually turned our lives over to Christ. I used to yearn for the typical romantic gestures — poetry, candy, flowers, an unexpected kiss. Now, I can honestly say that the most romantic thing that my husband does for me is when I am having a bad day, he will put his arms around me and pray for me. It means more to me than I can ever express and is one of the most romantic things he does for me.

How about you? What’s the most romantic thing your spouse has done for you? Tell your story in the comment section at the end of this article.  (Try to keep it short, though...the comment box limits your number of words!)

As for me, last year I gave my husband a gift he has really enjoyed. He loves to tell the story because it sounds so unromantic and always gets a laugh, which is the point.

But he wanted it. And it’s a real man gift. I gave my husband a chainsaw for Valentine’s!

Whatever works!