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The Story Behind Dad Tired: Jerrad Lopes

June 14, 2023

Author & podcaster Jerrad Lopes shares his story behind Dad Tired podcasts, conferences, & books—as well as the life-changing convictions that started it all.

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Is your relationship with God not what you thought it’d be? Podcasters Rachel Faulkner-Brown and Karen McAdams have ideas to help you find Father’s House—and live your life from that well-loved space.
June 13, 2023
Throughout her broken childhood, podcaster Karen McAdams sensed she was missing something. But even after coming to know God, her sprint from shame kept her away from the heart of God. Along with her co-host Rachel Faulkner-Brown, Karen shares part of her own story that fueled the duo’s new study, Father’s House: The Path that Leads Home.
June 12, 2023
How to tell a Bible story seems straightforward. But could there be a “wrong” way? Children’s ministry expert Jared Kennedy suggests methods to make sure we point the next generation in the right direction.
June 9, 2023
When it comes to ways to disciple your kids, do Christian school or church attendance have it covered? Author Jared Kennedy extends practical ideas to pass on to your kids the hope that you have.
June 8, 2023
Are you being lied to? Culture is spinning faith-altering views about sex to your kids. And our responses may determine whether kids sense Christianity’s relevance. Author Dean Inserra describes popular falsehoods, the resulting questions kids ask, and how to respond in ways pertinent, loving, and truthful.
June 7, 2023
Purity culture: In some very deserved ways, it warrants the impassioned scrutiny. But is sexual purity itself oppressive? Pointless? Author Dean Inserra offers correction to destructive theology while pulling us back to sexual flourishing.
June 6, 2023
Serious flaws in purity culture deserve scrutiny—especially given its lasting negative effects on some raised in the movement. Many Christians today reject wholesale the movement and all that it stood for. But is there still a place for sexual purity? Author Dean Inserra dives into God’s flawless design for sex.
June 5, 2023
Is God anti-gay? FamilyLife LGBTQ+ Specialist Rob Hudson and Sam Allberry, a pastor and bestselling author who’s experienced same-sex attraction, offer perspectives on how to respond to gay friends and loved ones.
June 2, 2023
What do Christians do with Pride Month? On FamilyLife Today, Dave and Ann Wilson host Sam Allberry--a pastor and author who's experienced same-sex attraction. He offers thoughtful, wise, and compassionate principles on LGBT+ issues.
June 1, 2023
Following her dad’s death, Lina Abujamra found herself in a desert: literally, figuratively. She knows what it is to wonder if God is with you, or just a mirage. From Scripture and her own experience, Lina dusts off the gifts of a spiritual desert. 
May 31, 2023
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Featured Offer

Art of Marriage
The all-new Art of Marriage is a transformative small-group resource designed to help you explore new levels of intimacy, communication, and connection with your spouse

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Dave and Ann Wilson are co-hosts of FamilyLife Today©, FamilyLife’s nationally-syndicated radio program.

Dave and Ann have been married for more than 40 years and have spent the last 35 teaching and mentoring couples and parents across the country. They have been featured speakers at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® since 1993, and have also hosted their own marriage conferences across the country.

Dave and Ann helped plant Kensington Community Church in Detroit, Michigan where they served together in ministry for more than three decades, wrapping up their time at Kensington in 2020.

The Wilsons are the creative force behind DVD teaching series Rock Your Marriage and The Survival Guide To Parenting, as well as authors of the recently released books Vertical Marriage (Zondervan, 2019) and No Perfect Parents (Zondervan, 2021).

Dave is a graduate of the International School of Theology, where he received a Master of Divinity degree. A Ball State University Hall of Fame Quarterback, Dave served the Detroit Lions as Chaplain for thirty-three years. Ann attended the University of Kentucky. She has been active with Dave in ministry as a speaker, writer, small group leader, and mentor to countless women.

The Wilsons live in the Detroit area. They have three grown sons, CJ, Austin, and Cody, three daughters-in-law, and a growing number of grandchildren.

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