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Suffering a Little While

February 25, 2024

Suffering in the Christian life is not necessarily to be avoided and neither is it to be accepted with a defeated attitude. The life of the Christian is to be patterned after Jesus Christ’s.

References: 1 Peter 1:1-9

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The Bible calls us saints, which means holy ones, because God has separated us from sin and blessed us for His service. Most Christians would agree that we have a need for personal holiness, however, we have difficulty in agreeing as to how this holiness actually comes about.
February 18, 2024
Believing the message of salvation is not an end in itself, it is only the beginning. We are not merely saved from sin, but we are also saved for God’s glory. God’s glory is commonly revealed in genuine Christian community.
February 11, 2024
In our rebellion we put Jesus Christ, the son of God, to death. Now our lives are forfeit. But here we see the wonder of God’s adopting grace, that it turns rebels into princes. Through faith in Jesus Christ we become God’s own sons and daughters.
February 4, 2024
We are all on trial. The religious and the irreligious, believers and atheists, everyone must stand before God’s throne for judgment. The standard for justice is God’s perfect law. And it is by that standard, that everyone deserves to be condemned.
January 28, 2024
Being made alive in Christ makes a world of difference in your assumptions about reality and the direction of your life-goals. It is a connection that brings spiritual life into our broken world and our broken souls. It reveals God’s plan of redemption in the present for all to see.
January 21, 2024
Do you let your circumstances dictate your attitude toward God? If your down and out are you quick to blame, or when your riding high do you find the time to give thanks? Well, a rich tax collector and a blind beggar both had specific needs, until they met Jesus.
January 14, 2024
What does it mean to be born again? For some, it implies a literal re-birth from the womb, whereas others think it is the name for a bunch of over-zealous believers. Well, Nicodemus confronted Jesus and asked him just that question.
January 7, 2024
It is the story of Christ Jesus' life, death, and resurrection that represents the full picture of what we are to know of His sacrifice. Many people shortchange Jesus’ significance by not believing in His complete work, or by only sharing part of the message. Listen as Dr. Philip Ryken explains why it is only the full story that represents the true work of God on Every Last Word.
December 31, 2023
Most people seem to ask the wrong questions about God. Does God exist? Why is there so much evil in the world? If God is loving, why is there suffering? In reality, they are trying to figure out if God is acceptable to them. Today on Every Last Word, Dr. Philip Ryken says that the real question should be, are we acceptable to God? And the answer – apart from salvation in Jesus Christ – is no.
December 24, 2023
Perhaps you know someone who doesn’t steal or run with a bad crowd. They attend church, pray, and even give generously to the poor. Yet in spite of all the evident devotion, they don't appear to have saving faith. How can this be? Dr. Philip Ryken explains that our pious acts don’t improve our standing before God on Every Last Word.
December 17, 2023
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Featured Offer

The Peace of the Cross (PDF Download)
This download contains the booklet, "The Peace of the Cross," by Philip Graham Ryken.

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