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Psalm 50 part 3

April 2, 2020

If you enjoy baking, you know that following a recipe in the correct order is essential to success. You wouldn’t put an empty cake pan in the oven for half an hour and then take it out, pour in the cake mix and expect to have a cake, right? Our relationship with God is much like a recipe - there are certain steps we must take to not only establish that relationship, but also to maintain it. 

References: Psalms 50

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There are a number of things that I think we can all agree that we want. A safe, comfortable home. Good health and safety for our family and friends. How do our “wants” compare to what God wants? Oh, you say you don’t know what God wants? Then you’ve come to the right place today. We’re going to look at Psalms fifty, and what God wants. 
April 1, 2020
 We have a merciful and loving God...there’s no debating that fact.  But He’s also one day going to judge the world, and when you enter that heavenly courtroom, you definitely want Jesus on your side!  Today on The Dwelling Place, we turn to Psalm fifty, a Psalm of Asaph which speaks of the judge of the righteous and the wicked.
March 31, 2020
One day our Lord Jesus will return for His bride and we’ll rule and reign with Him. We have a picture of this in Psalm forty-five. Let’s look at it now, with pastor Al Pittman.
March 30, 2020
Today pastor Lloyd Pulley takes us to Joshua eleven, as we see once again God’s strength and power at work in Joshua and his army. The way to victory may seem impossible, but nothing is impossible with God.
March 27, 2020
Often times, what God does with us, is He gives us a big task, but also provides the way to success. That is specifically what he did for Joshua in overcoming the evil Kings of his day. He didn’t give elaborate plans but simply gave Joshua the strength and fortitude to get the job done.
March 26, 2020
Today on Bridging the Gap, pastor Lloyd Pulley takes us to Joshua ten, and shares some helpful tips for winning great battles.  Pastor Lloyd has noticed several necessary ingredients for victory. 
March 25, 2020
Today, we’ll  bring you the conclusion of a special message Al began yesterday, dealing with the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Now, pastor Al isn’t going to get into the numbers or the potential cures, or the stem we need to take to keep healthy, but he will share some ways we can deal with the crisis from a spiritual point of view. There is no question that there are a lot of fears out there. Some of them are well founded, and others are not, but whatever fears we may have, we should take them to God.
March 24, 2020
We are postponing our series in the Psalms for a couple of days to bring you an important message dealing with the current situation out nation and our world finds itself in concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic. Pastor Al is going to share some ways we can deal with the uncertainty and fear we are all feeling as this virus continues to spread. We are not speaking of things like hand washing and hand sanitizers today, we are talking about creating a Pandemic Faith, and going to God for answers and comfort.
March 23, 2020
Today we’ll return to our series through the Psalms. Since God is ever merciful – to be merciful – is to be like God. Psalm forty-one speaks of the many blessings associated with the merciful.  
March 20, 2020
If you’re like me you never tire of hearing how gracious and loving our God is. It’s encouraging in two ways: receiving God’s grace and love and sharing it with others. That’s our theme on today’s program. In Psalm forty David wants everyone to know of God’s goodness. He’s experienced it – and wants everyone to know about it! 
March 19, 2020
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The Dwelling Place features the teaching ministry of Al Pittman, where the aim is to help deepen your faith, one step at a time.

About Al Pittman

Al was born in Panama City, Florida in 1955. His father was a career soldier, so the family traveled extensively. In 1973, when Al was seventeen years old, the family returned from a tour in Germany and settled in Colorado Springs. Soon after, Al realized God’s call on  his life and began serving in the music ministry as a bass guitarist with a Christian band  called, “The Rays of Light.” It was during this time that Al met Norma, and they were married on July 19, 1975. 

Al attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, graduating in 1977 with a degree in Biblical Studies. In 1991 Al and his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and two years later he joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Albuquerque as an assistant pastor and co-worship leader. In the spring of 1997 the Lord called Al and his family back to Colorado Springs to pastor Calvary Worship Center. In 2006, Al earned his Master’s degree and in 2012 he earned his Doctorate degree in Ministry from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Al and Norma are the proud parents of three children, Renee, Nathan and Reggie, as well as proud grandparents. They covet your prayers for their family and ministry as they endeavor to live a life pleasing to the Father.

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