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Our Wonderful God Deserves Wonderful Worship Part 5

December 9, 2022

Do you have priorities every day? We all do, and our priorities say a lot about where our relationship God stands. Many people have a list of priorities that doesn’t contain a single mention of God. That’s a tragedy. Today, pastor Al brings us the final segment of his message based in Psalm 109. This psalm reminds us that worshipping God should be our number one priority in life - and that should be the case every single day!

References: Psalms 109

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Today we’ll again be studying the Psalms, so open your Bible to Psalm 108 as I introduce today’s study. Who should we thank for the good things in life? King David was described as a man after God’s own heart. One of the reasons he attained such a lofty title was his way of always giving God credit for his success, and going straight to God when times got tough. We’ll read all about it today as we see David giving God the glory.
December 8, 2022
Here in modern day America, people are committed to a variety of things... whether it’s their children, sports, vacation, or work.  But today on The Dwelling Place, we will be encouraged to be fully committed to the Lord, by praising Him with our whole heart.  That’s the thrust behind today’s study in Psalm 107 with pastor Al Pittman.
December 7, 2022
As sinful human beings, each of us are in dire need of mercy... and an abundance of it.  We can be truly thankful that the Lord not only has an abundance of mercy, but plenty to go around for each of us.  As we look at Psalm 107 on this day, we’re encouraged by the mercy of God and our Lord’s never ending lovingkindness.
December 6, 2022
Al Pittman. Today we’ll continue our study through the Psalms as we look at Psalm 106. If I asked you to name a few of the reasons why it’s so wonderful to be a Christian, you’d be hard pressed to limit your list to just a few. It’s sort of like turning a kid loose in a candy store and telling him to just pick out a couple of things. There is so much joy, so much pleasure, so much love in the life of a Christian, it’s hard to express it! 
December 5, 2022
We open the book of Acts once again on today’s broadcast, and we’ve been observing the early Christians and the establishment of the Church. Among the many people we encounter in Acts, is the Apostle Paul. As we give attention to chapter seventeen today, we’ll take a look at Paul’s time in the city of Athens and, as we do, we’ll t take notice of how similar that ancient city was to modern day America.
December 3, 2022
Let’s consider a question, as we begin today - is there a specific “right way” to live as a Christian? Are there a set of hard and fast rules we must follow? Is there a checklist we need to go down every day? Well, that kind of attitude gets us dangerously close to legalism, but there is a way we should be living, as believers in Jesus Christ. 
December 2, 2022
Today we continue our series through the Psalms. So many of these chapters are purely praise for our wonderful creator, and Psalm 106. There are so many reasons why we should be praising God every day and every minute. He is merciful, He is loving and He is righteous. Those are just three examples! Psalm 106 is a “Hallelujah Psalm”, and so, I urge to be ready to do some old fashioned praising today! 
December 1, 2022
Today on the Dwelling Place, pastor Al Pittman will talk about the most faithful friend we have - God. When times get tough, sometimes we look around for help and our friends are nowhere to be found. That never happens with God. Psalm 105 is going to be the focal point of today’s message. It’s a Psalm believed to have been written by King David, and as an interesting side note - the first verses of this psalm were sung as a hymn while the Ark of the Covenant was being transported to Jerusalem! Pastor Al begins with the final verses of Psalm 104.
November 30, 2022
Whether it was God delivering His people from slavery in the Old testament or Jesus dying on the cross of calvary to deliver us from  our sins, God’s providence is something we cannot ignore. God protects His people and provides a means for them to be saved from their sin! Our series is in the Psalms, and we’re currently looking at Psalm 104.
November 29, 2022
Today - we continue to direct our thoughts toward the attributes of our Great and Awesome God. We find a few of them described for us in Psalm 104. This Psalm’s author expressed his amazement at God’s creation and His providence. There are some wonderful things for us to consider as we understand that God knows everything about us - our past present and future - our actions, words and even our thoughts. 
November 28, 2022
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Al was born in Panama City, Florida in 1955. His father was a career soldier, so the family traveled extensively. In 1973, when Al was seventeen years old, the family returned from a tour in Germany and settled in Colorado Springs. Soon after, Al realized God’s call on  his life and began serving in the music ministry as a bass guitarist with a Christian band  called, “The Rays of Light.” It was during this time that Al met Norma, and they were married on July 19, 1975. 

Al attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, graduating in 1977 with a degree in Biblical Studies. In 1991 Al and his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and two years later he joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Albuquerque as an assistant pastor and co-worship leader. In the spring of 1997 the Lord called Al and his family back to Colorado Springs to pastor Calvary Worship Center. In 2006, Al earned his Master’s degree and in 2012 he earned his Doctorate degree in Ministry from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Al and Norma are the proud parents of three children, Renee, Nathan and Reggie, as well as proud grandparents. They covet your prayers for their family and ministry as they endeavor to live a life pleasing to the Father.

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