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A Reason to Live Out Loud part 2

June 25, 2019

We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. While you may understand that, your neighbor down the street likely doesn’t.  And they desperately need to hear it. We’re in the midst of a study through Romans and we’ll complete our look at chapter three today, as we join pastor Al and see Paul’s defense of Justification.

References: Romans 3:19-31

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Stress is an every day fact of life for many people. Doctor’s offices are filled with people needing help to deal with stress. So what’s the solution for a stressed out life? I thin you know where I’m going with this! Pastor Al is taking us through the book of Romans right now, and today we stop again in chapter three, for a message titled “A Reason to Live Out Loud”.
June 24, 2019
Pastor Al Pittman is taking us verse by verse through Paul's epistle to the Romans, and today we highlight the first eighteen verses of the third chapter. So, who do you really trust. Saying we completely trust God with our lives is one thing. Living like we believe it is quite another. 
June 21, 2019
Many religions around the world have traditions and rituals. According to the apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, these traditions have a tendency to lure people into a false sense of security concerning their salvation. It’s the ages old debate about whether we are saved by grace, or simply by faith. Paul explains here, once and for all, that we are saved by grace, not by works. As we’ll see today, this wasn’t an easy pill to swallow for the religious people of Paul’s day.
June 20, 2019
In his letter to the Romans, Paul was adamant about our position in Christ. We are saved by grace and grace alone. He declared that our status here on earth - social or otherwise - has absolutely no bearing on our position in heaven. This was a hard lesson for the Jews to grasp, as they were taught to regard their status as higher than the lowly Gentiles around them. Having an air of superiority is a completely inappropriate thing for a Christian. We know that we are sinners saved by grace! 
June 19, 2019
Pastor Al Pittman has been  steadily making his way through the Book of Romans in verse by verse fashion. We pick up today in chapter two, where Paul addresses the attitudes of some of the Jews, who felt a sense of superiority over others. As we’ll see today, this kind of attitude is very common today as well, although it has no place in the life of a believer.
June 18, 2019
We can probably all think of  someone who claims to be a believer, but their life resembles the unbelieving world, and they bear no fruit.  In fact, can we each examine our own life and consider that we may be guilty of the same thing? What are we to make of this? Pastor Al encourages us to be fruit inspectors of our own lives, in a message titled “Hypocrisy Revealed”.
June 17, 2019
There is no place for hypocrisy in the life of a believer. On today’s broadcast, we’ll see what the apostle Paul has to say on the matter of hypocrisy. Think hypocrisy is no big deal, because everyone does it? Think again! We’ll be looking at the second chapter of Romans today and we encourage you to follow along with us.
June 14, 2019
Pastor Al is in the midst of a study of Romans and we’ll join him today in chapter one. One of the big issues of our day centers around the practice of homosexuality. Many people, including some Christians, accept it as a normal lifestyle and perfectly acceptable. But what we should be concerned with is what the Bible has to say on the subject.
June 13, 2019
Our study today is framed around Romans, chapter one, verses sixteen through thirty-three. Pastor Al is going to ask each one of us to consider and important point today - the gospel message of salvation through faith is something we should never be ashamed of.
June 12, 2019
We continue today with our examination of Romans, where we’ve been discovering timeless lessons on how to effectively live out the Christian faith. The apostle Paul made no secret of the fact that the Christians in Rome held a special place in his heart. Though surrounded by the snares of the world, they remained a solid, God-believing church - not an easy task at all. Can the same be said for the Christian church in 2019?
June 11, 2019
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Al was born in Panama City, Florida in 1955. His father was a career soldier, so the family traveled extensively. In 1973, when Al was seventeen years old, the family returned from a tour in Germany and settled in Colorado Springs. Soon after, Al realized God’s call on  his life and began serving in the music ministry as a bass guitarist with a Christian band  called, “The Rays of Light.” It was during this time that Al met Norma, and they were married on July 19, 1975. 

Al attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, graduating in 1977 with a degree in Biblical Studies. In 1991 Al and his family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and two years later he joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Albuquerque as an assistant pastor and co-worship leader. In the spring of 1997 the Lord called Al and his family back to Colorado Springs to pastor Calvary Worship Center. In 2006, Al earned his Master’s degree and in 2012 he earned his Doctorate degree in Ministry from Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Al and Norma are the proud parents of three children, Renee, Nathan and Reggie, as well as proud grandparents. They covet your prayers for their family and ministry as they endeavor to live a life pleasing to the Father.

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