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Psalm 104:31-32: The glory of the LORD shall endure for ever: the LORD shall rejoice in his works. He looketh on the earth, and it trembleth: he toucheth the hills, and they smoke.

Mount St Helensis an active volcano. It, and the other volcanoes in the Cascade Mountains, could erupt at any time.

Geologists point to the subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate under the North American plate as the cause of the magma, which breaks through at the volcanoes, causing them to erupt and to grow. This subduction is clearly happening very slowly today. Similar volcanoes occur at other subduction points around the world, and are especially notable in other areas in the so called Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean.

If this subduction had always been slow, over millions of years, as evolutionary geologists suppose, then it is difficult to understand how these volcanoes could continue to be active. However, it is our assumption that these plates were formed by the devastating events that began the worldwide Flood. Therefore, the original subduction occurred at a runaway rate. Indeed, solid remains of an early ocean plate can be detected in the Earth’s mantle. If the Earth were millions of years old, then this plate should have melted and mixed in with the semi-molten mantle by now. But the existence of this plate – probably the remains of the subducted portion of the Juan de Fuca Plate – is consistent with what the Bible says about the Flood and its timescale.

Because volcanoes were formed by the Flood, they speak to us of the wrath and of the mercy of God. In this sense, volcanoes like Mount St Helens are really large Gospel tracts.

Prayer: I stand in awe at the manifestation of Your Power, Lord. Thank You for doing all things well. Amen.

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