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There Is No Genetic Code for the Human Soul


James 2:26

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”


The $250 million Human Genome Project is attempting to map all the human genes. Their preliminary findings were released sometime in the year of 2000. Some observers have been saying that the human genome project will define what it means to be human.


Such talk, however, is based on evolution. We are not the sum of our DNA. It is well known, for example, that two people can inherit the same weakness for alcohol. One may become an alcoholic, while the other avoids alcohol for his entire life. This does not mean that mapping the human genetic code is inherently evil. Such knowledge can lead to precisely designed drugs that do what they are supposed to do without any side effects. It may also lead to better treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases that can have a genetic cause.


At the same time, dangers are beginning to appear. For example, with the knowledge of which particular genetic information produces what disease, unborn babies could be screened and those who have a potential to develop unwanted health problems might be aborted. A British governmental agency has already recommended this course of action. Another danger is that children may be forced into certain careers simply based on their "genetic potential." One's genetic profile may even lead insurance companies to refuse coverage to people whose genes suggest the possibility of some future disease.


All our genetic information added together does not define who we are because we also have a soul that has no genetic code and only the knowledge of Jesus Christ can bring health to the human soul.


Prayer: I thank You, Lord, for bringing health to my soul through forgiveness. Amen.


Notes: World, 4/29/00, pp. 18-21, "Cracking the Code."



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