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The Truth Is Out There

Genesis 1:25

“And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” 


Evolutionary theory is remarkably inconsistent. This is a major flaw in the theory, seriously undermining its veracity. But this problem does not often shake peoples’ faith in the evolutionary philosophy because they have committed too much to lose. And although the argument of inconsistency is undeniable, it is a sophisticated argument because it always requires at least two strands of argument which are developed and shown to be incompatible.


Fans of the 1990s sci-fi series, the X-Files, will remember their assertion that “The Truth Is Out There”. So, for those seeking extra-terrestrial intelligence, the question has to be, “How would they recognize if they got a message from an alien intelligence?”


The answer is in the nature of the signal received. It cannot be a regular repeating pattern, as natural objects can produce that. It has to be a recognizable code where combinations of signal portions, which might represent letters, can be joined to form “words”. No such intelligent signal has yet been received. 


Or has it?


Scientists studying the nature of life have been busy decoding DNA. The base-sugar pairs that hold the DNA molecules together represent letters. Their arrangements are not random or repeating, but can be shown to carry information which is clearly of use in causing the organism correctly to function.


So here is the inconsistency. Some scientists state that non-random codes are indicative of intelligence, while others assert that non-random DNA codes must have evolved by blind chance. A better explanation is that DNA is an inevitable sign of God’s design process.


Prayer: Thank You for creating us, Lord. Thank You that we see signs all around us, that we are not the products of blind chance, but of Your creative purpose. Amen.


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