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No Eyes, But It Can See Light

Psalm 94:9: "He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? He that formed the eye, shall he not see?"

It turns out that not all creatures need eyes to see light. It all depends on what they were designed to do. Evolutionists have used this fact to try to explain that eyes evolved.

The roundworm, C. elegans, lives below the soil where it needs no eyes. At the same time, C. elegans needs to sense light because too much exposure to light will kill it. Researchers noted that the roundworm has only 302 nerve cells. Study of these cells showed that some of them sense light in the same way that similar cells in vertebrates sense light. Evolutionists suggested that this is an example of an early step in the evolution of eyes. However, there is no evolutionary pressure for C. elegans to evolve eyes since it is killed by the light. Besides, animals that supposedly evolved before it did already had eyes. A better explanation is that since it burrows in the soil, eyes are not necessary, and they would be constantly filling with dirt. No, this is not an example of evolution, but good design by God.

God has designed all things to fit well into the environment He designed them for. The creature that lives in the dark depths of the ocean with built-in lighted lures as well as the C. elegans that lives underground all show His fingerprints.

Prayer: Father, You have made all things well, showing Your wisdom and power for all to see. Thank You. Amen.


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