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Genesis and Revelation 
Revelation 22:3a
“And there shall be no more curse:” 
Without attempting to answer all the details of the book of Revelation, it is surely true that it looks forward to the end of this present world and a time when God makes a new heaven and a new earth which will be a place of perfection. In so doing, He will be undoing the effects of sin in the present world. 
God told Adam that the day hHe ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that day he would “surely die.” This death is undone in Revelation 21:4, where we read “there will no longer be any death”. Now, in the world to come, we assume that this means that no one will physically die at all. Nor will there be any sickness leading to death. Yet, if death in Genesis is only a sort of spiritual death and does not refer to real death, then we have a problem. There are inconsistent Christians who think we have to allow for millions of years of death and disease prior to human beings evolving, and yet, they want to believe in a world to come that has no death. 
God cursed the whole of creation because of Adam’s sin. In Revelation 22:3, He will undo this: “There will no longer be any curse”. Yet, if the curse in Genesis 3 was only figurative, why would the undoing of that curse in Revelation 22 be real? Those of us who accept that Genesis teaches us the absolute truth about origins are better able to look forward to the world to come with confidence. 
Prayer: Father, we look forward to that time when You make a new heaven and a new earth, and we thank You that it will be without death and without curse. Amen. 
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