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The Revived Roman Empire is Emerging

February 28, 2024

Today James Kaddis and Tom Hughes will be talking about the emergence of the Revived Roman Empire and the utilization of climate change as a tool to accelerate the path of globalism.  What’s happening is unprecedented and the world seems to be completely oblivious to it.  It’s time to look up and study God’s Word because things are about to rapidly manifest, and we can’t afford to ignore the signs.


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Today pastors James Kaddis and Tom Hughes sit down to discuss the problems emerging from the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and the Persion Gulf.  The nations are nowhere near the peace we need to see for Ezekiel 38, but it can happen quickly if the right situation becomes volatile enough.  What does that mean? Join us and find out.
February 21, 2024
On today's Countdown 2 Eternity pastor James will take a moment to analyze a recent Super Bowl commercial that isn't what it appears to be. We're going to examine this in light of what the Scriptures teach us and what we discover is eye opening.
February 14, 2024
This week pastor James Kaddis will discuss Romans chapter one and Genesis chapter eleven in light of recent developments regarding brain technology in what is known as “human hacking.”  Is this dangerous?  What should we know about what is happening?  We’ll talk about this and much more on this very exciting episode!
February 7, 2024
On today’s episode pastor Tom Hughes will join pastor James Kaddis to discuss the rapid changes in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.  Together they’ll set out to answer some key questions about the coming Ezekiel 38 battle. Could this be right around the corner?  Will it happen before or after the rapture?  What do we anticipate happening in the next few days, weeks and months?  Find out today.
January 31, 2024
On today’s Countdown 2 Eternity pastor James Kaddis will discuss the recent large scale strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen.  Make no mistake, these strikes are serious and there are far reaching implications that exist as a result.  With more and more stories like these emerging, we must pay attention because it’s becoming more and more obvious God is setting the stage for what He tells us to expect in the region.
January 24, 2024
On today's Countdown 2 Eternity pastor James will talk to pastor Greg Denham about his recent trip on a delegation to Israel.  What did he observe as he was there?  How does that relate to what we know in the Scriptures, and what does that mean for the future?  We'll talk about that and more on this very informative episode.
January 17, 2024
On today’s Countdown 2 Eternity, pastor James Kaddis will briefly rehearse the story of the tower of Babel in the book of Genesis and explain how we are witnessing this very phenomenon in the modern day through the spirit of antichrist prevalent in our world and culture.  The very moments we are witnessing is unprecedented, and the Bible tells us how God expects us to live in these last and extraordinary days.
January 10, 2024
On today's episode of Countdown 2 Eternity, pastor James and David TaL will discuss recent credible but unconfirmed reports that Israel attacked Damascus international airport taking out eleven top ranking Iranian Republican Guard officials.  This is an unprecedented blow to Iran and the biblical implications of this news must not be ignored.  
January 3, 2024
This week on Countdown 2 Eternity pastor James Kaddis is joined by DaviD TaL.  On today’s program they’ll be talking about a moment in history that changed the world forever.  Every detail in this story has a significant amount of lessons that it brings, and although we speak about a specific moment in time, that moment has the potential to mold and shape the future of many. We must treat this story and many like it with great respect.  Our well being depends on it.  
December 27, 2023
This week on Countdown 2 Eternity pastor James Kaddis is joined by a very special guest, David Tal.  James and David will discuss a critical decision every nation must make and the consequences of that decision. That decision is not just relegated to national leaders, it’s a personal choice as well. The Bible very clearly speaks to us about what happens if we bless Israel or if we curse Israel. The choice is ours and what we do is critical.
December 20, 2023
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Countdown 2 Eternity” is a weekly radio ministry featuring Pastor James Kaddis of Calvary Chapel Signal Hill and various special guests.  Together they examine current events and connect what’s going on in our world to Bible prophecy.

About James Kaddis

James Kaddis:
Pastor James Kaddis is the founding and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Signal Hill in Signal Hill, CA. By the grace of God, Pastor James has been serving in the ministry for over 25 years. Since 1996, he has also served as a police chaplain. Pastor James has a background in the areas of theology, network engineering, computer forensics and law. He previously served as an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel Downey and the Dean of the Calvary Chapel Bible College, Downey Extension. He is also considered an expert in the field of Computer Networking and Security, and has extensive experience working in that field with both law enforcement and other types of professional organizations. Pastor James represents the first generation in his family to be born in the United States to parents that were both born and raised in Egypt, and learned Arabic as a second language in his home. This background has been used by the LORD to give James a love for Biblical languages. In April of 2016, Pastor James married his beautiful wife Nicole, and is overwhelmed by the privilege to serve the LORD by her side! His teaching ministry spans across the nation through the “Light on the Hill” radio ministry. 

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