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Sharon Hughes

Nationalism vs. Globalism

November 19, 2018

While America just experienced historic midterm election results, President Trump came under fire from the mainstream media as well as from the President of France, for saying he valued Nationalism over Globalism. Worldviews have changed around the world dramatically favoring globalism. So, what's all the fuss over anyway? Important to know information.

References: Revelation 13:16-17


Guests: Audrey Russo and Debra Rae - So, who's vote matters the most in elections? Men? Women? Minorities? Actually, everyone's vote matters! But the Media and the Left have gone 'unhinged' this election, playing the race and woman's rights cards. For instance: CNN's Don Lemon saying the greatest (terror) threat is white men; or Right News female anchor declaring the greatest threat is the religious right; others say it is the war on women. Meanwhile, the real contest is between ‘free stuff’ or freedom. 
November 5, 2018
Guest: Catherine Edwards Sanders, Author of "Wicca's Charm," and Audrey Russo - how is it that Wicca and wtiches and witchcraft can charm young women and teens today? For one year, crisscrossing the country from Halloween rituals in Salem to anti-globalization protests in New York, Sanders, who interviewed over 100 neo-Pagans and witches detailed in her book about one of the fastest growing 'spiritualities' today, will give insight.  
October 29, 2018
Guest: Ron Rhodes - What is the truth about ghosts - do they really exist? Mediums - do they really hear from the dead...or are they hearing from demons? How about Psychics - can they see the future? Witchcraft and interest in psychic phenomena is increasing...and those who are aggressively promoting it target children. 
October 26, 2018
What's up with all the witchcraft against politicians lately? Witches around the world have been casting spells against Donald Trump every month since his election; and most recently aimed a hex on Judge Brett Kavanaugh on his nomination to the Supreme Court, and have continued to do so  after he was sworn into office to try to hinder his effectiveness. Is witchcraft becoming more mainstream? Shockingly, Bill Clinton has publically acknowledged that Hillary communes with the dead (we'll play the clip); does that have anything to do with her advisor, John Podesta's association with things such as 'spirit cooking'? We'll explain.
October 24, 2018
Guest: James Hartland - former homosexual who now works to protect children against indoctrination locally via gay activism and/or gay pornography - How does PC (political correctness) enable not only sexual deviation from traditional values, but government policies covering virtually every area of modern life? Lots of examples. 
October 17, 2018
Panelists: Author & Talk Show Host Dr. Paul Ibbetson, Author & Economist Jerry Robinson, former Communist and candidate for U.S. Congress, Steve Beren, and  Steve Durhim, 2012 Socialist presidential candidate - Today: The Supreme Court has a new Justice, Judge Brett Kavanaugh - but not after an extraordinary battle; UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is to resign at the end of the year; and what do the Progressives really want? That's what our diverse panel debates.
October 15, 2018
The battle over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to Supreme Court is over, however, the the battle over the reason(s) he was so opposed by the Left (primarily abortion/Roe v. Wade) isn't. Plus, never in history has a former U.S. President worked to undermine the efforts and policies of a sitting President like Barack Obama is doing, tracking Donald Trump here at home and abroad. Hear unbelievable clips you won't see or hear from the mainstream medai.
October 8, 2018
Guest: Author & retired Police Detective Terry Cook - as Facebook is hacked yet again, this time exposing over 50 million users' data; and as more companies are 'chipping' their employees, is 'Beast Tech' the mark of the beast that the Bible talks about? In case you missed this information the first time around, you don't want to miss it now.
October 3, 2018
The Battle over the Supreme Court rages as the Senate Committee hearing of both Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Dr. Ford takes place. We'll report the latest, with highlights from the hearing. Plus a look at how our culture is raising a narcissistic generation, and it's not a pretty picture.
October 1, 2018
Guest: John Whitehead, author & Founder of The Rutherford Institute - Continuing our emphasis for September's National Preparedness Month - Beginning in 2001 after the attack of 9/11, 'safeguards' were put in place by the government to protect Americans against more terrorist attacks; fast forward to the last administration and lines were crossed even more that not only resulted in invasions of privacy, but tactics that some describe as resembling a police state. What's the truth?
September 26, 2018
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