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Brinkman Adventures Season 2: How Big Is Your God?
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Brinkman Adventures Season 8: The Wild Way
While attempting to send his robot to space and back, Ian uncovers a fifty-year-old secret. Later, he and Isaac get more than they bargained for while visiting the Wild family deep in the jungle highlands of Papua, Indonesia. Season 8 of Brinkman Adventures is an exciting journey for the entire family.
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About Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures combines the wacky life of a fictional family with exciting true accounts of Christian heroes from around the globe. These captivating stories will strengthen your faith and family and entertain listeners of all ages. Brinkman Adventures is a treat for the ears, mind, and heart.

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Beachglass Ministries produces Brinkman Adventures and is committed to inspiring the next generation of Christian world changers through the powerful genre of audio drama.

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