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Dr. Andrew Farley

How does God work things for good when bad things happen? Should churches have contracts with members?

February 11, 2021

What do you think about churches having covenants and contracts with members? What’s going on with the “all” and the “many” in Romans 5? How is God working everything out for “good” for us (Romans 8:28) if such horrible things like cancer and rape can still happen to us? Where do you think our new heart is located within us?


Romans 5 depicts a classic confrontation: Adam vs. Jesus. Essentially, Paul says, “Look at all the destruction Adam caused, and look at the grand solution Jesus provided!” In this message, you’ll learn what it means that Jesus was victorious and how you can live free in response to His victory.
February 10, 2021
Was it prophesied that Jesus would be a Nazarene? Is the Covid vaccine the mark of the beast? What is a false teacher? It seems like my son used to believe but now no longer. What are your thoughts on him? How does God's discipline fit in with His grace? What is a biblical view of predestination?
February 9, 2021
Did I commit the unforgivable sin during my years of wild pursuits? What if I still have besetting sins? What is God's main purpose for our lives? Can you change your motive for doing something in order to please God?
February 8, 2021
How do we “walk faithfully” with God? Hebrews 10:29 seems to say a sanctified person can deserve punishment – what’s up with that? Why did Jesus say a rich man being saved is like a camel going through the eye of a needle?
February 5, 2021
When Jesus made water into wine, why did He say it wasn’t His time? How should we look at the testing of our faith? How can God’s grace impact prayer? Should the 10 commandments inform our parenting?
February 4, 2021
Is the Lord's Supper a form of "medicine" or ongoing forgiveness? What do you think about Paul's thorn in the flesh? What is your view of the book of Revelation and the return of Christ? Does God respond to our prayers or ever change His mind?
February 3, 2021
What is the meaning of Zachariah 12 with Judah being first? What is the Gospel itself? What do you think about Paul’s thorn in the flesh? Hebrews 12:14 says without holiness we will not see the Lord – what does that mean?
February 2, 2021
What are your thoughts on the re-gathering of the Jews to Israel? Why do you say there are different “flavors” of the flesh? I’m 9 years old. How can I know that I am going to heaven? I know a pastor who has been married three times. Is he disqualified?
February 1, 2021
Why isn’t the Book of Enoch considered to be Scripture? “When there’s a change of priesthood, there must be a change of law”- what does this mean? What is the gift of prophecy in the New Testament? Are we under a curse if we don’t tithe?
January 31, 2021
Do I have to confess each sinful thought to be forgiven? Do we go straight to heaven when we die? What do you think of Christian music lyrics today? Are there times when people’s life choices prevent them from leading in church? Is it okay to plan for your body to be cremated? Have I betrayed Jesus by praying only to God the Father?
January 30, 2021
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The Grace Message with Dr. Andrew Farley consistently offers simple, straightforward, and accurate help for anyone looking to better understand the depths of God’s grace. Andrew’s teachings will challenge the way you look at God through scriptural insights, and help you live in the freedom of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

About Dr. Andrew Farley

Dr. Andrew Farley is devoted to helping people better understand the grace of God and helping them live in the freedom that comes from a true understanding of Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross. He seeks to challenge the way people look at God, and themselves, through practical, scriptural insights about God’s forgiveness, living under grace and what a new identity in Christ really means.

Andrew is the author of Zondervan’s debuted #1 bestseller on Amazon, The Naked Gospel, in addition to serving as lead pastor of Church Without Religion in Lubbock, Texas. He is also the president of The Grace Message. His mission is to help people better understand the grace of God and see them enjoy freedom. He previously served as a professor of linguistics at the University of Notre Dame and Texas Tech University

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