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  • November 10, 2012
    Jan hosts and interviews Christian economist John Terry and Christian commentator
    Jack Kinsella
    . America voted to become socialistic Europe and that has consequences. The three discuss those issues for the entire hour. The "fiscal cliff" is looming where every American will suffer economically. Liberalism is about to consume America and it only destroys. The election results can only be further judgment on America although no one is in a state of mind to hear that. Where was God in this election? Since he sets up kings and tears them down, He was a key component. They also discuss the Benghazi debacle which should have sunk Barack Obama were it not for a complicit media. We are in very perilous times and America IS in Bible prophecy: II Timothy 3. We are a nation consumed by people who love self, money, and evil. And that is the inconvenient truth. Jan, John, and Jack offer hope, however, because without hope, the heart grows sick.
  • April 28, 2012
    Jan's guests are
    Jack Kinsella
    and Ken Ham. Kinsella and Jan discuss the chilling connections of the "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) crowd. The violent "Arab spring" has finally come to America. Chaos is about to be unleashed by the OWS crowd of Communists, Socialists, anarchists and general Leftists. This is a part of the "lawlessness" predicted in the Bible. Jack and Jan focus on the good news that reflects: Christ's return is imminent. Ken Ham and Jan discuss Noah's Ark as Answers in Genesis is building a full-scale model of the Ark, to be finalized by 2014. The ramifications of the Ark are fascinating, from the care of the animals to the fact that the planet was one entity before the deluge, not many continents. The good news is that this is a symbol of salvation and Christ has the Ark door open today offering safety and eternal life to all who accept it and enter in.
  • November 19, 2011
    Jan's guest is
    Jack Kinsella
    . The two discuss the "lawlessness" in our land represented by the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations. Comparisons are made to the anarchy and the Jew-hatred in Germany 70 years ago since a key component of the "occupiers" is anti-Semitism. They also consider the "What Would Jesus Cut?" campaign of the religious Left. Jesus was not a Socialist although Jim Wallis & Co. want to make Him one. Does the Bible promote capitalism or Socialism? They also address the recent Vatican proclamation calling for a global economy. Visit
    Jack Kinsella
    's website at;
  • September 10, 2011
    Jan hosts with guests 
    Jack Kinsella
    and Ed Decker. Jack was present at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" event in Israel which had a hidden agenda. It was a not-so-subtle endeavor to promote Mormonism and even scam participants for money for LDS purposes. Kinsella gives a first-hand report and Ed Decker, a former Mormon, reveals some of the inside secrets of the Mormon Church. Some of the information is quite shocking. What is the "White Horse Prophecy?" Does Glenn really know what he is doing and is he really a "Christian Zionist" as some are proclaiming? Is it possible to be a "Christian Mormon?" No is the answer to that. How might Mitt Romney's Mormonism play into a presidency he might win? Find Ed Decker's book on Mormonism on our site here. To obtain the free chapter of that book from Decker, visit his Web site, Learn more about Kinsella at
  • March 19, 2011
    On the first half of this broadcast Jan has guest
    Jack Kinsella
    on air. Is God shaking the nations such as Japan? Jan and Jack remind listeners that the Bible outlines such events in the Bible for the last days. Could God be reminding us that Jesus is coming soon? Then they discuss a National Association of Evangelical's survey that breaks down the eschatalogical (last days) beliefs of evangelicals. More than 65% are Premillennial Dispensationalists. What are the remaining? And why are the pulpits silent about these issues? We carry Kinsella's excellent book, The Last Generation: 10 Signs of the End of the Age here. To contact
    Jack Kinsella On the second half of this broadcast Is guest Casey Luskin. Casey is a member of the legal advisory team of a Christian fired from NASA for talking about intelligent design. It would seem that no Christian even need to apply for a position at NASA and since it is taxpayer funded, believers have no say in stopping the discrimination. Jan then moves on to a commentary as to why ears might be closed today when people try to tell loved ones about what is happening in the world. She closes with a short commentary on the slaughter of the innocent, including children, in Itmar, Israel. The ordeal doesn't end with the death of an Israeli family. The Palestinians then dance in the street celebrating the disaster. Yet the story is buried in Western newspapers, not covered at all, or in some cases, denigrates Israeli "settlers" who were the victims of this tragedy. Contact for Casey Luskin is found at To protest the treatment of the Christian scientist, David Coppedge, write to Charles
  • January 8, 2011
    On the first half of this broadcast Dr Gary Cass is our guest.  Dr Cass spends most of his time defending Christians. Gary and Jan discuss the biggest Christian-bashing events of 2010. They also discuss how the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell " (DADT) will affect our military. 77% of Americans approve of the repeal of DADT. What does this say about our society? If homosexuality is tolerated in the military, then all other aberrant behaviors must be tolerated. We are witnessing the collapse of American civility once again. On the second half of this broadcast
    Jack Kinsella
    and Jan conclude that we are the "think not" generation. We are the generation that is not thinking about the return of the Lord due to indifference, busyness, and other issues. The Devil has been allowed to cause distraction at this time as the hour draws near. Yet, we are called to remain "ready", to proclaim the good news. They also discuss how modern-day technology will serve the Antichrist's regime as he will be the master of technology. He will likely not have time to build the technical system; rather the infrastructure must be in place. They also discuss some of the prophetic top stories of 2010.