I'm told that most of the world's diamonds come from South African diamond mines. It is said the mines were discovered when some little boys were found playing marbles with shiny rocks — which it turns out were diamonds. Can you imagine? These children were holding incredible wealth in their hands, but to them they were just pretty rocks. They didn't know what they had. I wonder if there are some of us like that spiritually: we don't understand what we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul begins the second chapter of Colossians by talking about the treasures found in the Lord Jesus Christ (Read Colossians 2:1-6). The key that unlocks this whole passage is verse six: "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him."

The way to know these treasures of wisdom and knowledge is to walk in the Lord Jesus Christ. You expect Paul to say something very complicated, but Paul is actually talking here in very simple terms.

Can you complete this sixth verse: "Walk ye ___ Him." Paul doesn't say walk with Him or follow after Him. It simply says walk in the Lord Jesus Christ. So how do we do that?

The Beginning of the Faith-Walk

Colossians 2:6
says, "As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord...." Paul is referring to when we begin our faith walk. It is assumed that to walk in Christ, you have to be in Christ in the first place. Do you think you could write down your testimony of when you received Jesus Christ as your Lord? Why not do so today. If you are not certain you've taken that first step, visit Who is Jesus.

That's the beginning of the Christian walk. You begin your relationship with Him through faith and repentance. As you receive Him, you have taken the first step on your walk.

The Balance of the Faith-Walk

Verse 6 continues, "...so walk ye in Him." So we walk in Christ the same way we received Him: by faith and repentance. To put it simply, faith is turning to Christ, and repentance is turning from self.

So how can we keep walking in faith and repentance? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, but it does not end there. The Holy Spirit of God is constantly revealing to us our own personal bankruptcy and offering us the great riches of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some people say, "Well, I took a stand for Jesus years ago." I don't think they took a stand, I think they're stuck. You are to walk in the Lord Jesus Christ.

It will show in your life because you are going to walk like Jesus walks, and people are going to see Jesus Christ in you. Ask yourself, what do my children and my neighbors see in me?

The Benefits of the Faith-Walk
So, how do we stay in Jesus and walk in Him? Jesus is the boundary of our walk; we are to walk in Him. What's the first thought that ran through your mind when I said the word boundary...being hemmed in? Being "hemmed in" in Christ would be like a minnow being hemmed in by the Atlantic Ocean. There is nothing, nothing — absolutely nothing — worth having outside of Jesus Christ. Walking within the boundary of Christ also offers us protection.

Go back and re-read Colossians 2:2-3. Just look at all the benefits listed in these verses that walking in Christ offers! Then also, think also of the fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23). This is what is produced when we walk in Christ.

The Blessings of the Faith-Walk

Finally, consider this. Is there really anything else you could desire for your life that Christ does not offer? Take a minute to praise God for the wonderful blessings that Christ has offered us — one by one. Ask Him to help you claim what He has made available to you in Christ. That's right! We no longer have to give in to temptation. Christ has already overcome!

Pray that God will give you a sensitivity to hearing and recognizing the Spirit of God Who wants to keep you in the center of His will.

Many people trust Christ for their eternal destination but not for strength to walk today. What a mistake! Are you walking in Christ daily? I pray you will so you will not miss God's best for your life.