Genesis 45                      


God wants every man, woman, and child to be saved so badly, He went to extraordinary lengths to give us pictures, glimpses, analogies in the Bible of how our salvation was won. To redeem us cost Him the painful, tortuous death of His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus. God is committed to our understanding that Jesus is the “Lamb slain before the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:8). He paid the cost at Calvary so every person could be restored to Him for eternity. There is no one so good they need not be saved and none so bad they cannot be saved. Joseph is an amazing illustration of the life of Jesus.


When we see how Joseph foretold Jesus’ life, we know man couldn’t have written the Bible. Each page was divinely inspired, for Joseph tells the Gospel nearly 2,000 years before Jesus came to earth.


Joseph was


The beloved son of his father, Jacob

The suffering servant, sold into slavery

The exalted sovereign, appointed prime minister of Egypt.

The seeking savior, restoring fellowship with his brothers.


His life set off a chain of events resulting in salvation for his brothers and depicting seven aspects of salvation in Christ.


When his brothers came to Pharaoh’s court, they stood before the brother they’d betrayed. Yet Joseph wanted to forgive and restore them. The parallels between Joseph and Jesus are unmistakable.


 Seven Ways Joseph’s Life Reveals the Gospel


1. Compassion for the lost and hopeless Genesis 45:1-8


God’s love is greater than our sin. When Joseph’s traitorous brothers stood before him, after testing them, Joseph fully forgave and lovingly restored them, depicting the Lord Jesus who says to all, “Come to Me.”


2. Conviction of sin 


When God allow hardship in your life, it’s meant to convict you about your sin. No one is truly saved without conviction and repentance.


3.  Conversion, yielding to Joseph’s Lordship Genesis 45:4-8


Joseph, the exalted sovereign, offered his brothers grace. Taking a step of faith, they put their trust in him. Jesus offers us the same. How are we saved? By grace, through faith. At Calvary the world’s greatest tragedy was God’s greatest victory when Jesus died for the sin of all mankind.


4. Commission


Redeemed, forgiven, commissioned to fellowship with the King (Genesis 45:14-15), Joseph’s brothers return home to tell what God had done through him and bring them to live with him (Genesis 45: 9-12). Likewise, Jesus commissions all believers to tell the world about Him (Matthew 28:18-20).


5.  Communion


Just as Joseph wanted restored communion with his brothers, God wants the same with you. He loves you and wants you to know Him, love Him, and fellowship with Him.


6. Compensation


From His abundance, God supplies us for service. He sends us out with the riches of His grace and the Holy Spirit’s anointing,


7. Communication


We’re to communicate the message of Jesus to the world. We’ll convince them by our love, our words, and our lives when they see in us what they can’t explain apart from God.


The Gospel according to Joseph challenges us to face hardship, knowing God has a higher purpose. He longs for us to reflect His Son, the Lord Jesus. God loves you. Whatever you’ve done, God will save you.


If you want to be saved, pray: “Lord, I need You. My sufferings are just the cords You’re using to draw me to You. I know You love me. Lord, You have revealed Yourself to me. You’ve said, ‘I’m Jesus. Come to me.’ Lord, I come. By faith I trust You to save me. And, Lord, help me never to be ashamed of You. Give me the courage to make it public.  In Your name I pray. Amen.”