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When a Daughter Hates Her Body

April 10, 2008
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Over-Weight Daughters
A new book entitled "Perfect Girl, Starving Daughter," claims that 90% of teen girls "hate their bodies." But what to do about it? And what about the growing numbers of teen daughters that are labeled "over-weight."
Father of four beautiful daughters, Kevin Swanson addresses the issue as a opportunity for loving shepherding and tender discipleship. On one hand, there is the problem of the modern body-worshiping cult, something that didn't exist prior to 1900. Then there are sinful, idolatrous, and gluttonous habits that every parent needs to address in the lives of their children during the formative years.
It is critical from the outset to define the standard. Must the standard be the semi-anorexic, wispy woman presented by the "Cosmo Chick?" Or does the Bible present a different standard?
This program would be excellent for any family with children who exhibit any kind of individual Idiosyncrasy or special need, which is just about every child on earth.

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