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The PCA Plays with Enns Theology - The Final Battle for the Faith

November 21, 2011
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The Western faith is dying. Muslims are moving into territories that were once inhabited by Christians (and were burned out by the humanists). There is a tiny fraction of conservative Christians left who have not turned towards humanism (a man-centered epistemology). Sadly, the gods of humanism are now fracturing these small denominations that make up less than 1% of our country. The PCA’s New York Metro Presbytery is playing with “Enns” theology, which undermines the authority of Scripture from the very first verse. When men call into question Christ’s understanding of the historical Adam, they question the Creator Himself. We have it on good authority that the Creator was there—that is, at creation. The faith is at stake, and so is science. It is a question of epistemological authority, and this is an acid test.

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