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The Hannah Montana Rage

April 29, 2008
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Role Models
So Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana becomes the rage for 8-13 year old girls, as a pseudo-wholesome teen icon, even promoted by family-friendly Walmart.
But what happens when the pop-cult machine exploits her and the millions of little girls that follow her with a fornicating, pornographic spread in Vanity Fair magazine? Just another Britney and Jamie Lynne in the making? And they are copied and will be copied by the vast majority of little girls. BTW, the Cyrus and the Spears families are good Christian families too.
The fact of matter is our children will copy their role models. So Kevin Swanson challenges parents to identify the best role models for children, and base it on Hebrews 11! What works for righteousness has Hannah Montana accomplished? Has she laid down her life for the cause of life, liberty, and the kingdom of Christ? Or is she just the latest star produced by the star machine, because she was able to capture the latest standard of what's cool?

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