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Single, and Wants to Be Married

November 16, 2009
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Interview: Alex Chediak
Over the last 20 years, both men and women show a considerable increase in age at marriage. Men are now on average two years older when they marry than the mean age of marriage for men in 1980. Women are three years older on average now, than the mean marriage age in the 1980. This does not bode well for Christians who want to retain values like sexual purity, the integrity of the family, and a selfless, anti-existentialist lifestyle that doesn't implode birth rates in all the western countries. Ironically, 86% of singles say they "want to be married."
Kevin Swanson interviews Alex Chediak, the author of an important new book on singleness for Christians. Alex provides some terrific wisdom for singles, but also some helpful advice for church communities who have an interest in launching young people into adulthood and marriage. The goal, of course is to get these young folks from singleness to marriage without sexual sin, emotional heartache, and excessive delay.

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