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Medical Hubris - The Law of Unintended Consequences

December 7, 2011
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Although the field of medicine has produced many lifesaving procedures and researchers continue to discover new ways to improve health. The medical field is also home to many abuses. Many of the most commonly prescribed drugs are for high cholesterol, but how are so called “normal” levels or “high” levels determined? The drug used to treat the condition often produces debilitating side effects, so is “high” cholesterol more dangerous than being treated for high cholesterol? Many of the medical protocols for therapy are based on a one size fits all approach, but what if you are not that one size? Threat of law suites, AMA protocols and government legislation, may force all patients into the Procrustean bed of medical treatment. And most frighteningly many doctors now believe they have the authority to force therapy on patients and are willing to use the courts to do so. Dave Buehner talks to Steve Vaughan, a medical professional and business owner in the health field, about the law of unintended consequences in medical practice.

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