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Girls in Bikinis on National Television

April 22, 2009
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Working on the Shamefacedness Thing
Some girl from a beauty contest in a bikini on national television says she doesn't like homosexual marriage, thereby causing a bit of furor from people who like homosexual marriages. But what about all the guys out there that don't like homosexual marriage, but they sure do like to gawk at girls in bikinis talking about how they don't like homosexual marriage? A lot of interesting things seem to mark the trail to Gomorrah. But there are still a few fathers out there who think there may be something to those old principles of purity, modesty, and shamefacedness contained in that old, tattered, forgotten book in the corner over there. Would I really want my daughter touting her features on the cover of Playboy or Cosmo or the Miss USA pageant? There's a question every father better ask himself.

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