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Autism -- Just another fraud, and racket?

August 20, 2008
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Interacting with the Savage Nation
Michael Savage gets himself into a heap of trouble calling autism a fraud and a racket. Kevin Swanson interacts with the Savage imprecisions, further developing a causal framework and a holistic treatment in a biblical world and life perspective.

Where did all of these new boy-pathologies come from? Do the social conditions of the last 120 years of modern living create new pathologies, neuroses, and psychoses? Here Kevin Swanson declares the modern world toxic for children in its social conditioning. If you create a social situation that God did not intend for human beings, over the generations you will see new pathologies hard wired into the genetic code. It's inevitable. So what's the solution to this massive increase in the incidence of autism? Listen and find out. Kevin recommends Cathy Steere's book, available at our resource center at 1-877-842-2432.

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