Our nation’s credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in American history. For weeks we have been observing this great tug-of-war that has become the world’s point of attention. The fate of our nation, with a ripple that will be felt around the world, supposedly, hangs on the decision of a few hundred people we call the U.S. Congress.


Congress seems to be playing with something they have no understanding about. The battle in congress is more about politics than about any real reasoning based on truth. Like all political campaigns, whatever comes across more appealing to the media is what wins. This then becomes a lot of people’s truth.


Like everything of significance in the world, it is a battle between two opposing worldviews – to veer in the right direction established by our Creator, regardless of the discipline and sacrifice it will require or continue down the same wrong, selfish, greedy, dishonest path that was set in motion and now its momentum seems to be too strong to halt.  The progressives in office are clearly in a frantic state of power-grab fueled by fear and envy. They have begun to see their long held ideas crumbling at the foundations. The liberal’s entire goal of civil government’s duty, to provide for the poor and helpless, is clearly frustrated. History shows that this ideology has bankrupted all the nations that have implemented it. Because they reject God’s wisdom, in their view there are no other organized principals to finance the moral obligations to help the poor and needy. In their reasoning the only option is for government to do it.  They are living in the moment of endeavoring to convince the rest of us that their vision of human salvation is the correct one.


The entire liberal premise is one based on envy. It is envy of the poor for possessions of the rich. It is envy in the progressive voter’s mind to have that which he has not earned. It is envy of the progressive politician for the powers that belong to God alone.


As a nation, we began down this slippery slope over one hundred and fifty years ago. When this monster of greed and control over the God-given freedoms first reared its ugly head, but it was not squashed. There was no real discernment or outcry and it was allowed to be conceived, birthed and developed; now it is beyond the control of man but not beyond the control of Almighty God who is still Lord of all of His creation.  


It is definitely accountability time for the United States of America not only in its economy but in all areas of life. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not just the government that must define itself on the side of what is right according to God’s requirements. Each and every person living within the borders of this unique country must decide what camp they are on, whether God’s or men.


To keep voting for every sort of government spending over and over is insane.  Not only the ones who make the proposals but those who vote for them are out of their minds. This even goes against all logic and common sense. Yet, the most popular option seems to be to increase the debt ceiling. God clearly says that the borrower is a slave to the lender.   “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”   Proverbs 22:7


In spite of it all, a ray of hope has arisen. The movement called the Tea Party is not too clear of where the principles it is fighting for come from. Yet, on economics it leans toward ideas that are much less harmful than that of the progressives and more similar to Biblical ideals. They are calling for less government involvement in the lives of its citizens and more personal responsibility. 


The real movement that is needed is for the pulpits of America to call for the return of the church into social affairs and a return to Biblical principle in the public square. We need to be offering Biblical answers to the issues at hand that will bring lasting results. I am encouraged because I see sparks of this beginning to happen.

My prayer is that a rising reformation within the church and the nation has begun. God’s truth is the only way to resist ungodliness and the tyranny rising. Are you preparing for war? We know how the final end will be; the church is victorious. Christ’s will, will rule on earth as it does in heaven.  We have to encourage ourselves to lift up the banner of Christ and His Word as it applies to all areas of life. We need to understand who we are and what God wants to accomplish through us in our generation. If we do not teach and fight for Christian civilization we will continue to be overpowered by this humanism. Without Christ and His renewal, we truly are dead men walking. This is the fight in our time.

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