Psalm 61:7 (NKJV) He shall abide before God forever. Oh, prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him!

Even when I don't want to shop, stores are invading my email box with offers and advertisements designed to get me to buy. The pictures are always done in sunny places with happy people. If I just had that shirt. Wow, how happy I'd be. It's all false and fake. There's only one reason they would frame the shot the way they did, using the person they used, the way they did, with the angle they chose: to get me to buy! I notice things like that.

This all-consuming mentality of "consumerism" has invaded the church of Jesus Christ. Rather than prayer and reliance on the Holy Spirit, church leaders are more interested in catchy phrases, intelligent marketing ideas, polished plagiarized sermons, and packaged church growth programs to bring more people into their buildings.

Please be careful, friend. We don't want to settle for the emptiness of man's ideas, baptized with Bible verses. We desire the Living God to move in and through us by the power and presence of His Holy Spirit! Away with such worldly nonsense.