Skillful to Fight

Your Now Word

Renny & Marina McLean


Jeremiah 51:20 “Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;”

Do you ever feel like you are a weapon of warfare? You are facing things that you cannot explain; you have no reference point for some of the things that God drops you in!

However, God knows that he has equipped you for something greater than yourself. He has invested a strategy, or plan in you that he totally gets the glory for; you are an amazement to everyone around you. I love that God sees you as a tool that he can wield skillfully in any battle of life.

As a battle axe in God’s hands, you are in total submission and you are under his authority. Wow! What a place to be in. Even if I am unsure of the gifts that I possess; I am confident in the hands of the God I serve.

Some of us are called to the local battles; some to the surrounding areas where we live, and some are called to the nations. You have to be skillful locally before God can entrust you internationally.



Father, in the name of Jesus help me to trust that I am a weapon that you are training for the battle. My faith may be weak because of the circumstances that I am facing, but my God, I trust you to make me skillful in the war of life and bring victory to all those around me.


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