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Share Your Hatred

He who conceals hatred has lying lips, And he who spreads slander is a fool.” (Proverbs 10:18, NASB95)

How interesting that the Bible seems to say that we should share our hatred!  When you ponder it, we do lie with our faces, words, and actions when we pretend that all is well.  When we give others the impression that we agree with their actions, attitudes, or lifestyle, when, in truth, we hate them, then we lie.  Lies are always evil, even the "little-white" kind.

So, are we to share our hatred?  Not so fast!  The second part of the verse warns against spreading slander.  The Hebrew word means to give an evil report, or, literally, to "whisper."  Before we share our hatred we better make sure we have our facts straight.  In fact, our facts better hold up to public scrutiny. 

My advice:  Hate that which you can voice your hatred and not be ashamed.  On the other stuff: get over it!

In His Grace,

Dr. Randy White

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