Word for the World devotionals from Dr. Randy White

Creating Inheritance
Dr. Randy White

“So now, in the sight of all Israel, the assembly of the Lord, and in the hearing of our God, observe and seek after all the commandments of the Lord your God so that you may possess the good land and bequeath it to your sons after you forever." (1 Chronicles 28:8, NASB95)

The sons receive the fruit of their father’s labor.  It should be a father’s desire to give to his children a good name—which is better than great riches.

The good name comes when the father will “observe and seek after all the commandments of the Lord your God.”  When any father observes and seeks after God, their sons will notice.  The fathers will have a “good land” to bequeath to their sons.

Has the current generation of parents lost sight of the Lord?  Is there going to be any “good land” to bequeath to our sons and daughters?  It appears that nationally we will bequeath a tremendous load of debt.  In our churches we will bequeath dysfunction and an organization that looks only vaguely recognizable in Scripture.  In family life, we will have dismantled the roles of authority and removed the means of stability.  In education we have removed truth and valid inquiry.  In economics we have surrendered to government control. 

We need one thing—reformation.  We need the kind of reformation that comes when we realign ourselves, our families, our churches, our nation with God and His Word.  Revival is what is needed when we have become spiritually sleepy.  Reformation is what is needed when we have become spiritual mutant.  We need reformation!

Let’s “observe and seek after all the commandments of the Lord” so that we may “possess the good land and bequeath it” to our children.

In His Grace,
Dr. Randy White

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